Date night Bucket List: France at the World Showcase in Epcot

I had the opportunity to check off one of my dating bucket list items on our recent family vacation to Disney World! I wasn't sure if we would get the opportunity to spend some time alone and it magical happened!!...more
That's one of my favorite restaurants in Epcot. Glad you had a nice experience.more

Red Dirt Kelly's Favorite Things: Crimson and Whipped Cream Bakery, Norman, OK

The problem of being a "foodie" lies in the tension between the compulsive task of assessing what you're eating, and that moment you judge the food or establishment du jour to have met a certain level of quality. For me, it's as if I'm "working" until I can then either relax due to the discovery of "good," or at least be relieved of the job due to the discover of: "No. My standard has not been met."...more
I'll try one of each ;)more

Hello, Tom. And Other Seattle Eats.

There is a trend happening in the food and restaurant world, and it goes hand in hand with doing things more sustainably, and using fresh, local ingredients. This trend is toward doing a few things – just a few things – very, very well....more

The Yelp IPO. Who Wants In?

Yelp is going public. Last week the business-review website operator filed with the SEC for its initial public offering. Sometime in early 2012, you should be able to buy publicly traded shares of Yelp stock. But will you want them? We can't seem to make up our minds about Yelp....more

Butternut Squash Mousseline at The Carlton

Always trust the bartender. Well, at least if he's the one pouring drinks at the lobby bar inside The Carlton. ...more

Porreca's Restaurant - Lake George Restaurant Review

Let's just cut to the chase here -- Porecca's Restaurant is one of the best restaurants I've dined at in Lake George, and easily ties my previous favorite eggplant rotolini of all time. The food and the service were excellent and the atmosphere was very welcoming. ...more

My Food Blogging: The Epicurean Paparazza

I just wanted to put a link up to share my food blog that I also have.  It is mostly recipes, with a few restaurant reviews thrown in.  There will gradually be more reviews, but with all of the requests that I get regularly for my recipes, I have started adding those more and more.  Check it out...let me know what you think!  (I would LOVE to attend the Blogher Food Conference in May...too bad it's a little out of the budget right now - maybe next time). ...more

Art Imitating Life or Vice Versa? Bloggers Beware . . .

Last night, after preparing and delighting in a sumptuous meal of chicken breasts seasoned with fresh tarragon, garlic and olive oil baked in a white wine sauce, served with crisp squash and zucchini spears enhanced with Mediterranean Sea Salt, I decided to indulge in yet another feast. This particular spread was decadently sinful, wickedly tasty and, like all good meals, left me wanting more. However, for as scrumptious as it was, this was no meal it was a movie....more