Loving Life

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I'm young but ready to build a solid retirement portfolio!

As a relatively fresh grad, you could say I just joined the workforce. Some of my peers are thumbing their noses at me because I'm thinking of retirement this early. But I don't care if it seems square. I mean, that's the whole point: It's so much easier to plan for retirement when it's still far away.Everyone works, but not everyone retires wealthy and comfortable. According to a survey of workers, nearly a third of them have less than PHP45,000 (USD1,000) in retirement savings and investments. More than half - about 57 percent of those surveyed - admit to having less than $25,000 in savings and investments! This is surprising, considering how simple it is to plan for a quality retirement....more

Oh, We're Going To Talk About Me Again, Are We? Goody.

Golden years: noun, plural; the years of retirement, normally after age 65. ...more
"always shake a Martini to a waltz step" ... might be the best advice ever.  :)more

My Ideal Retirement

NaBloPoMo nov.19 Prompt Oh I don't want a retirement. But despite these objections, we can't stop or delay our own biological clock. (yet.!) A peaceful retiring life. I’ve never thought about it before, so for this prompt I had to think. mmmm What about Mars, will they be able to colonize Mars by then and will they accept old people ? Oh I know,...more

I Couldn’t Even Begin To Think About Knowing How To Answer That Question

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But Most Of The Time All You Need Is A Stick Of Gum, A Pocket Knife And A Smile.

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The Best Salsa You'll Ever Eat . . . and Some Mighty Fine Guacamole . . . Even for Dummies

This isn't my salsa recipe. I snagged it while I was waitress in college....more

Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli

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He Was Beheaded! Such Things Happen In The Best Families. In Fact, Usually In The Best Families.

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Curtains Up!

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