3 Ways to Protect Your Aging Parents Legally

Parents age. While there are times when parents outlive their children, most people will find themselves in a position where they have to plan for their parents' futures. There are numerous ways that you can help protect your aging parent – many you may not have considered.1.     Overlook Their Estate PlanningNo one wants to think about their death, and this has led to many people dying without even giving estate planning a thought. An estate plan doesn’t need to be complex – although it can be when high-value estates are involved....more

Things to Do on Retirement

The first thought that came into my mind "So what am I supposed to do now?" and it was frustrating. But then I understood that now I have time for all those activities I’ve been delaying for the last decade and now I can start crossing out things from my to-do list. Here are 10 things I came up with to stay busy during my retirement years and I’m glad to share them with you. ...more

The Fine Art of Cantankery.

  I’ve had a hard time acting my age. That’s not it, exactly. It’s more like I’m straddling the Grand Canyon between my usual teen angst and dealing with the fact I’m supposed to be wearing support hose. It all started with my birthday. Two years ago....more

Hanging out with the other butterflies

Recently, my coworkers and I watched a TED Talk by Susan Cain around the power of introverts. After the talk, we all took a quiz to determine where we fell on the introvert - extrovert spectrum. It was fun to see who was a full-blown introvert and who was more of an extrovert....more

What's your retirement plan?

I'm only in my mid-30s. I love my job and my current life, but sometimes I like to fantasize about my retirement. My current plans include my husband and I living in a cabin in the mountains somewhere where our son can come and visit us when he wants his family to enjoy some snow. ...more

Loving Life

I am cookinginthejungle.com  This is an article I wrote for International Living https://internationalliving.com...more

Oh, We're Going To Talk About Me Again, Are We? Goody.

Golden years: noun, plural; the years of retirement, normally after age 65. ...more
"always shake a Martini to a waltz step" ... might be the best advice ever.  :)more

My Ideal Retirement

NaBloPoMo nov.19 Prompt Oh I don't want a retirement. But despite these objections, we can't stop or delay our own biological clock. (yet.!) A peaceful retiring life. I’ve never thought about it before, so for this prompt I had to think. mmmm What about Mars, will they be able to colonize Mars by then and will they accept old people ? Oh I know,...more

I Couldn’t Even Begin To Think About Knowing How To Answer That Question

 Sometimes in Costa Rica things don’t go precisely as planned -- image that ...more

But Most Of The Time All You Need Is A Stick Of Gum, A Pocket Knife And A Smile.

 Let's talk turkey or cooking or chicken or butter....more