To The Manor Retired

Not even the dignity of a "no".   So, and so.  Well, this is the last posting of this chapter of my life.  Tomorrow will begin a totally new one.  Time to move ahead. sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"...more

To The Manor Retired

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"...more

To The Manor Retired (It's In Gods Hands Now)

Yesesterday was as hard as I expected.  Taking my leave of people, most of whom I had known and worked with for five or more years.  Taking out the last evidence of my existence at the former job, my mini fridge.  I have a good home  for it, my son is taking it for his room at the house he lives at. An eleventh hour call from my bossman had thown all my coping mechanisms into array, offering an attempt at a last minute solution in ...more

To The Manor Retired (An Eleventh Hour Conundrum)

Last night's posting on FB "...more

To The Manor Retired (One More Day)

One more day.   Then the fingertip I am holding on to my old work life will let go and allow that ship drift away.  One can't be positive that the right decisions have been made.  But in the last week,  something (not sure what specifically) has caused a turn around in my outlook on life.  A change of the tide.  It might be the new medications.   It might be the ten pounds I...more

Finding the New Normal, A New Path

Those of you who know me personally were familiar with my store, Beabe's Toys and Gifts, which has been around since 2004 online, then as a brick and mortar.  This was a perfect illustration of a Baby Boomer listening to "Do What You Love, And the Money Will Follow", which is crap.  If you go into business, especially retail in this economy, be armed with all the research you can gather up, then do more....more

8 Signs That It's Time to Retire

How do you know when it is time to retire? It can mean many things to different people. There's the serious side of finance, career, and creating a new chapter. There's also the humorous side in which ironically there is a lot of truth. Read these signs it is time to retire from Elaine M. Decker (they are really great!). ...more
I retired to find time to write. Now I'm thinking of going back to work. I guess it's a Type-A ...more

What Does Career Mean to You?

Having a career means different things to different people. As you may have noticed, I'm not the type of person who says that your professional life needs to look a certain way. In fact I can remember when I took the helm as Section Editor for Career and Business. I warned my editor that she shouldn't expect all business suits, job search-y, and traditional takes on career. She just laughed. ...more
To have your dream job you must. 1- Love what you do (fulfill your core values) 2- You are good ...more