The Best Salsa You'll Ever Eat . . . and Some Mighty Fine Guacamole . . . Even for Dummies

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Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli

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Curtains Up!

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Louis, I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

 What I know about welding: The trick in welding is to attach things with...more

I moved my husband, terrier, and 17-year-old cat to Costa Rica. Follow the sarcasm, mishaps, and adventures.

There’s that moment when you’re uploading photos for your blog and everything is clicking right along. Then the Internet goes down and everything is lost. And you swear....more

War Is Too Important To Be Left To Politicians

I met my first gecko many moons ago when Rusty’s older brother rented a home on Kauai....more

Then God Be Blessed, It Is The Blessèd Sun

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Tell Four Footmen to Call Me in Time for Lunch, Will You?

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