Brain full of monkeys

I recently helped my friend Ann organize our high school reunion. I was content to assist with the planning and shopping, and I genuinely enjoyed seeing everyone, but I found being one of the greeters a bit stressful. Because I'm notoriously terrible at remembering names. It's not that my memory is bad, exactly, it's just that it's disorganized. Picture a room full of filing cabinets and all the drawers are full of folders and all the folders are full of information. Got that image in your head? Okay. Now, add some monkeys....more

PCHS Reunion

 The class of 1995 is having their 20th high school reunion on October 24th, 2015. .This will include an evening of dining, celebrating and activities for all our former classmates and their loved ones. As part of this event, we would love to plan a dinner for the class, some of whom will have traveled from far away. We see this as a wonderful chance to reconnect and reestablish ties to our local community....more

Wordless Wednesday: The Sisters Edition

Photo by Bonnie ...more

The Reunion

Cross-post from 9/13/2012:We often take for granted how much media and culture affect us as individuals, how T.V. and commercials really do seep into our brains without a second thought.  How the individuals that make decisions about programming, in a way, have us by the nads. ...more

Q's Homecoming

It was this light at 9:30PM...more

A Mother, Father and Child Reunion

I am a child of divorce. Of course since I was 4 when my parents divorced, I don’t remember much about their divorce or their marriage but I do remember bits and pieces of the aftermath. I remember the shuttling back and forth between homes – or rather states since my Dad lived in Texas...more
What an amazing story! I too have a "biological father" and a "step" father. Lots and lots of ...more

Watching My Daughter with The Mother I Didn't Grow Up With

Last weekend I watched my 9-year-old daughter Francesca swim in the Hudson River with my mother. This would not have been a remarkable event if I had ever gone swimming with my mother as a child. Or listened to her read bedtime stories or felt her lips on my cheek or watched her eyes widen in delight as I presented her with a hand-made Mother's Day card. I didn't do any of these things with my mother because I didn't meet her until I was a junior in college....more

A Memorial Day Reunion

A Memorial Day Reunion ...more

Adoption, Loss and Reunion: An Interview with the Author of Jessica Lost

At the beginning of the year, I was picking out books to read for the Adoption Reading Challenge I started. As I hopped around adoption-related books on Amazon, I came across one that would be released in May 2011: "Jessica Lost: A Story of Birth, Adoption & The Meaning of Motherhood." As a birth mother, I was exceptionally interested in this book as it is written by a birth mother, Bunny (Faith) Crumpacker, and an adult adoptee, Jil Picariello. I was thrilled to be able to interview Jil for BlogHer....more

I am an adoptive mother of identical twin girls, age 46. We have located the birth mother, but ...more