8th April 2005 Simon sent another message through Genes Reunited letting me know what his email address is – I’m not surprised though that he didn’t think to write straight to my email address. Let me know he has chatted to Anthony on msn messenger who seems to have left a good impression on Simon which has been a relief. It seems strange talking to Simon about Anthony though as none of my family ever talked about him so am relieved that Simon is so accepting of him....more

Dealing with attitudes

4th April 2005 Been a better day today. Helped by having a decent conversation in the chat room yesterday, made me realise how lucky I am compared to others who have greater problems than me. A couple of hours ago one of the church members came round to see us to let us know he wanted to give us his car. Typical I start something and company turns up so will have to come back to this later....more

My World

I will be in the process of getting my journal here in a better order than it is elsewhere so that it makes sense:18th July 2010...more

Meet me under the Eiffel Tower. -A sisters reunion.

I met my sister under the Eiffel  Tower....more

Seems Like Old Times or Does It?

 This weekend I was supposed to attend the 50th birthday party of my best friend from high school.  Like any good socially connected middle aged woman, I received my invite via Facebook.  Back in high school who could’ve imagined that?  Anyway, initially I was surprised by the invitation because she had moved out of town and I never thought she would have planned a blow out event in her old home town.  I was also taken aback because it was inconceivable to me that anyone would want to proclaim they had reached the big Five Oh!  My 50th bir...more

Ten Years Later

Last Friday, a large percentage of the other hundred people that graduated with me in 2000 dressed up in their fancy finery, glad-handed their old pals, tried desperately to one-up each other, and drank themselves into oblivion.At least, that's what I say happened at our 10-year reunion.  I wasn't at there.  In fact, I hear they chose to play laser tag, instead.  Maybe my graduating class is even cooler than I remember it being.I have mixed feelings on missing the reunion.  On the one hand, it would have been great to see the children (because we were chi...more

November is National Adoption Awareness month...

......better known as "How many times can this month make me puke month?" I hate November because it's "National Adoption Awareness Month". Yeah, umm, I'm painfully aware that I'm adopted. Every time I look in the mirror, every time I am with EITHER of my families, and every time I look at my birth certificate. I don't need a month to be aware. ...more

The many reasons why I'm not attending my 20 year high school reunion

This is a list of the many excuses reasons behind why I won't be attending my twentieth High School Reunion this year. Just in case there are any other kindered souls out there, or other laggards who hadn't RSVP'd yet. [1] 1. I am certainly not old enough to have been out of high school twenty years already....more