I survived a shiner on my 'giner and you can, too

WARNING: There are no photos of this.  Just inappropriate words and descriptions.  If you are my dad or pastor, you probably want to close this page now.'Giner Shiners.They happen.Pretty much every week on a derby track near you. It has happened to me. More than once.Because I have no shame or dignity left I'm going to speak candidly in order to help others who find themselves in this unexpected (and painful) predicament....more

The Return of Crazy Eyeris: What’s on Your Playlist?

I bet you thought I forgot about Crazy Eyeris, right?...more
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Every Woman Needs a Roller Derby Alias…

My 20 year-old daughter recently tried out for the CT Roller Girls team.  While she didn't qualify, she will try again and what's more important, she and our family were introduced to the world of roller derby....more
@Peep Into My Life... I will check it out today! My Roller Derby story (so far) is here: ...more

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on a Roller Skate

We plan to make roller derby the most exciting thing to hit Charm City since the crab cake…. You know how much I love crab cakes. With a line like that on their website, how could I not go to the  roller derby? Saturday Misty and I went to Baltimore…for our third date Charm City Roller Girls! It was awe-some....more
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In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Down but Not Out

So, here's what happened.I panicked.Remember how I went to the first open practice and was less-than thrilled with my "skilz?"...more

In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Gotta Have Faith

You know the scene in Jerry Maguire where Jerry thinks he has finally signed the number one NFL draft pick, and he has practically killed himself doing it? Now he’s driving down the road and totally jamming out to Tom Petty’s “Free Falling.” He’s totally overwhelmed and thankful, and more than a little on the edge of just not being okay. I had that moment last night. ...more
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Roller Derby: Empowering Entertainment

I don't want to speak for all Seattlites, but I know that it came as a surprise to me (and many people I talked to) that Seattle has a roller derby league. Roller derby seems like a thing of the past and invokes images of burly women who, as Jim Croce would say, are "built like a 'frigerator with a head." Not so, Blogfans, not so. ...more

Skate this, Crazy Eyeris!

You meet the nicest people on BlogHer.Interacting as we do, Chattering back and forth across the virual back fence, we learn much about life and each other. Meeting for coffee, or other beverages way before 5 o'clock, secrets flow out into cyberspace and find a home with real eyes, listening ears and open hearts.That's how I learned about the new women's skating craze, Roller Derby....more
@Laine Griffin YAY! LAINE! We have all been waiting for you to appear! The party girl of the ...more

In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Kicking Ass, Even if it is My Own

Imagine that one day you decide something is missing. Maybe it’s something you used to do in another life. Maybe what is missing is YOU. Maybe you don't even know what the hell is missing, but you know somethin' just ain't right. Maybe, then, for some unknown, strange and cosmic reason, you decide to claim or reclaim this missing piece by doing something that you know nothing about. Groovy. But then consider, for a second, that you might want to do something that NO ONE really knows anything about. ...more
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