In Pursuit of crazy Eyeris: Week 1

Whoo hoo! The first installment of the weekly series In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris! I’m so excited!Things are moving along SO FREAKING FAST!...more
Thanks Robin!! @SunbonnetSmart.commore

Roller Derby? Been there, done that, broke my elbow.

It had me at “great butt.” I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t think it through very well.  Usually I’m so careful. This time I was blinded by the cute helmet, fun stockings and seemingly endless outfit combinations.  And the idea of female empowerment and general badass-ery didn’t hurt either.  But the broken elbow sure did....more
Ouch. But it was fun, right? lolol ;-)more

Why Is Mommy Knocking People Down?

Since both my boys were tiny babies, they have been a part of roller derby with me.  Lincoln slept through a whole bout in my sling when he was three weeks old.  Sawyer started coming when he was maybe two months, and hit every game my first season.  Actually, since I skated with both of them before I knew I was pregnant, they've been a part of derby since they were first conceived. Sawyer spent his whole first year on the sidelines with Rob, but he was really too young to know what was going on....more
I love it, Kiki! I'm planning on trying out next year - I can't wait!more

Changing Life = Change in the Blog

I felt I needed to change up the direction my blog was going in, if it really even had a direction. I have so many new adventures beginning and Roller Derby has become such a big part in the person that I am discovering in me that I needed a new place to start sharing all of this. First things I found roller derby....more

And the Crowd in the Rink Goes Wild...

Okay, not really, but we did end practice by shouting "Reckless!" as we broke the huddle (Thanks for throwing that out there, Louie!). Can I just say that: 1)....more
I can't wait to try out for Derby next year! The support of one another is amazing.more

Roller Derby Pies

Blue Ridge Roller Girls, Oatmeal Cream Pies, and a GIVEAWAY Winner. ...more

Interview with Pamela Ribon, Author and Roller Derby Girl

Pamela Ribon, a fellow former Television Without Pity recapper, is pretty much a rockstar these days. Not only does she pull some sweet television writing gigs, but she's got three books under her belt and is a bad-ass roller derby girl, and, coincidentally, so is the heroine of her newest book, Going in Circles. ...more

I'm putting this book on my summer list!

Jenna Hatfield (more