Should You Look for Love at Work?

A new dating app called The League, currently in beta in San Francisco, allows you to log in via your LinkedIn account ... so it can block your colleagues from seeing your profile. I think it is genius—though you may work closely with people 40 hours a week, you might still want to keep your dating life private. If you are using or Tinder, your photos and dating profile are out there for the world to see....more
SHOULD we look for love at work? Well, some people have managed to pull it off. But, in ...more

Book Intro: Midnight Bayou, by Nora Roberts

I'll admit, I've never been a romance novel fan. But if I was never a mystery fan and liked the number one admitted author of that category, then I think a fair place to start would be Nora Roberts for a romance novel. I also can't help but love the toss in of some paranormal aspects that are supposed to be present in this book either. So from now on I'll be delving into a New Orleans romance novel, featuring some ghostly apparitions! ...more

Bringing Romance Back

Posted on November 20, 2014 ...more

RIP 'Selfie:' Are TV's Rom-Coms an Endangered Species?

I’ve felt a burning desire to re-watch The Office, or at least its second season, lately. I’ll give you two guesses why. If you guessed Jim and/or Pam, you’re absolutely right. ...more
WhitneyD Interesting perspective, Whitney. I've certainly heard that in terms of Sci-Fi shows, ...more


 When I was young and loved poetry for its passion, I loved the tragic poems. This one, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox was one of my favorite for what I now view as an unhealthy co-dependency. I definitely identified with the tragic heroine and I memorized this poem years and years ago. ...more

Why I Read Romance: Not For The Sex

Heaving bosoms, throbbing manhood, ripped bodices, damsels in distress and burning touches…  Romance fiction is a booming one billion dollar industry.   I am not immune to the seductive allure into fantasy and escapism.  In fact, I probably read 15-20 romance books a year.  I love the handsome, strapping archetypal heroes and the strong, yet soft feminine heroines....more

Ending the mundane affair

Literature, film, tango, sex, love, romance, friendship, swimming and dogs; things worth living for.Love, romance, sex and breakups; things worth writing about....more

My 'Words with Friends Beau' Promises Sweet Deep Kisses and I Fret over When's a Good Time to Tell Him I Wear Dentures

        So he speaks to me of future mind-zapping sweet deep kisses when we meet. Okay, I know that this may sound x-rated for a first date but, the Universe has already spoken, and my future seems already written.  I am, therefore, but a more- than- willing participant who assigns omnipotence to the powers that be. Besides, being 60 and all that, I have a special pass, I'm sure. The romantic in me definitely goes for kisses sweeter than wine....more

52 Ridiculously Romantic Date Ideas for Any Couple

Who says the romance has to die after the honeymoon phase? (Well, all the experts do but what do they know anyhow?)If you’re serious about your relationship, chances are you already know how important date night is for long-term couples.What you might not know is that there are certain rules to successful date nights that don’t involve eating the same old Thai green curry followed by a movie week after week.What you’re aiming for with any good date night is novelty. Trying new things is good for you as a couple!...more

Bringing Back the Good Stuff

I think it's time to bring back the beauty, the fun, the music, the song.Peggy Lee, George Gershwin, Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Bennie Goodman, Charlie Christian, Billie Holiday.... ...more