13 Life Lessons I Learned From Training For A Half Marathon

Last December, I decided that I was going to run a half marathon. I had never run more than 4 miles and the idea of running 13 miles was intimidating to say the least. I signed up for a half marathon in May and I began my training. It was the hardest thing I ever did... physically. But I did it! In fact, I completed the race in 2 hours and 15 minutes which is excellent for a first time runner. I've never been so proud of myself for accomplishing something like this. I ran 13 miles! Holy crap!...more

How Being Sick Made Me a Better Runner

I recently started a running blog for women. My last race post left on a note of positivity. I had just finished a 10k at the Berkeley Half Marathon, and had plans to begin a run streak lasting until infinity. ...more

I haven't complained about running in awhile

I have not been running as regularly as I should. Every morning, I flip through the list of excuses of why I shouldn't run today:...more

Ways to Improve the World by Running (and Walking)

The news lately has been filled with many stories of doom and gloom. Many people are focusing on everything that is going wrong.I have dedicated myself to finding the good, focusing on the positive, and improving what I can. ...more

What To Do When It All Goes Wrong On Race Day

You can do everything right in training. You can do all of the training runs, nail the speed work, do each and every strength and stretching session, and carbo load to perfection  Sometimes you can do all of that, and still have a terrible race day. ...more

How to Cut Down on Your Running and Racing Expenses

Time for a little myth busting: somewhere along the way, someone pushed the idea that running was free. ‘Just lace up your shoes and go!’...more

Everything I Know About Running I Learned From 'The Little Engine That Could'

My favorite book growing up was The Little Engine That Could.I hadn’t thought much about the book until one of my last trips home. I found my childhood copy amongst the things that my parents kept from so many years ago.In reading the book for the first time since childhood, I was struck by how much of my running career, and my life, is reflected in that Little Blue Engine....more

Nothing Compares 2U: Why Runners Shouldn't Spend Any Time With Comparisons

Few things will cause as much disappointment, as quickly, as comparing yourself to… well anything....more