A Non-Runners Guide to the Marathon: Supporting Your Runner

Marathon day is obviously stressful for the runners, so much training and work have been focused on a single day. But it can be just as stressful for another group: the runner's friends and family that come out to support their runner. ...more

Spartan Race Recap: I conquered the SoCal Beast

Last weekend I ran in the Spartan Beast in SoCal and didn't die successfully finished! It wasn't easy, but it actually wasn't torture. Real talk, this was the longest distance I've ever done in life. Period. ...more

Saying good-bye to my fitbit

I'm not wearing my fitbit anymore. A few months ago, my fitbit stopped recording my data. I was alarmed and upset as I tapped away at the screen only to stare into an empty, unlit space. After a long period of time on the charger, several internet searches and a pulled apart paperclip, I got it up and running again. Those blinking lights followed me around my day, recording my every move....more

10 Ways To Beat The Heat on Long Summer Runs

It should be illegal for races to be scheduled in the middle of summer. Because training for a half-marathon when it's nearly 100 degrees outside is just not okay.Yep, here in San Diego there has been an awful heat wave this summer. We're talking high 90s, humidity, no breeze ... not exactly the best running conditions.As much as I've wanted to skip some runs and go home and blast my A/C, I know my half-marathon is creeping up fast and I need to prepare. So when you have to train, even in the crazy heat, what's a girl to do?...more
Well well that was very well explained... :)more


I had briefly heard about the November Project a couple years ago. I didn’t know much about it, but I knew that a group of people got together to run the Glenora stairs at a time unimaginable to me to be awake at, nevermind working out at. It was the most absurd thing I heard of, who willingly wakes up to work out at six in the morning?!...more

Start Running: By Jen Oliak

It wasn’t until after I had 2 kids when I really fell in love with running. Even after I decided to start running, it took a while for me to get comfortable. But now, it is a part of who I am. I feel strange if I go more than a couple of days without going for a run....more

This Is What It's Like to Run Your First Marathon

I've seriously tried to write this post 987585 times, but I couldn't keep my thoughts straight. So here we go: A very real, honest race recap of my first full marathon EVER! I promise I'll keep it as short as possible with lots of pictures! Before the Race: This race was a destination race for me. I live in San Diego and chose to do my first marathon in Seattle since I've always wanted to see the city. A marathon is a great excuse to finally go up there, right? ...more

The Day After My First Marathon

I woke up feeling alive again but I needed to eat badly. I hadn't eaten enough after the race and was STARVING and kind of lightheaded. My friend Alex recommended a restaurant called Von's that is famous for their sourdough pasta...ummmmm YES PLEASE! YOU GUYS It was one of the best meals I'd ever had! If you're ever in Seattle Von's is a must.  ...more


I’ve tried running for exercise, for the ease of being able to do it anywhere, for the health benefits and mostly in search of the elusive runner’s high. The only problem is the brick wall blocking the running ability in my brain. ...more