My Title IX Story

Only-Mama’s post yesterday about Title IX struck a chord with me....more
Only-Mama Don't let it dishearten you. I was terrible! I knew I had no hope of beating any of ...more

Some days you have it, some days you don't -

“It’s nice to be wanted. To be longed for, at that …” OK. Wait. Sorry Daily Prompt, but I simply can’t adhere to today’s theme and write a post as if my coffee cup was the one doing the writing/talking. I can’t … my mind isn’t working right this morning. You know how some days you have it and some days you don’t?...more

Goodbyes are Hard

I knew today I had to steel myself. I've been working with my physiotherapist for a couple of months now. We've got a great relationship, we talk Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, catching up on each week's episode of the latter when I come in for a treatment. He didn't try to convince me not to run the Chicago Marathon last month, he just treated my injury and helped me get to the race in the best shape possible. But. I'm not working right now and I maxed out on my insurance for Physio a while ago. I had to say goodbye. And goodbyes are hard....more

5 Things I Learned Running My First 10 Miles

Before every run, I plan how many miles I want to accomplish. Today's intention was to run 10 miles for the first time ever. I thought about what it would be like, how it would feel, where I would run and, of course, I thought about having a snack on hand afterwards. I ran 9 miles the previous week with the Mothers Run This Town team, but I wanted to see if I could push the extra mile. I felt it was achievable from the previous weeks run. In all honesty, I needed to clear my thoughts, and I thought this was the perfect way to do so. You see, my dad has been very sick, and all I could think about was having a cigarette. ...more
You did it! After a recent race one of my friends said Wow, you must have been fast to get a ...more

Mother Running: I've Lost My Competitive Spirit & I’m (Mostly) OK with That

A few weeks ago, I ran the Frank Lloyd Wright 5K in Oak Park, Illinois. I had planned to post a race recap, but when I sat down to write, I realized I didn’t have much to say. I ran the first mile, walked the second, ran the third through to the finish line. There was a nice post-race expo with some good freebies (I picked up two reusable grocery bags—score!), and I had a long conversation with my running buddy of eight years over coffee and a bagel. I still haven’t looked up my official time, which I think was just under 45 minutes....more

Run Forest Run

There are a million and one training plans. Most share similar ideas of how to improve.  The question though is not "what plan" but "what is your goal?" Asking that question will help you narrow down your plan.As you know, when I started running, I just ran. I started with the basic running plan that my Tri Group introduced me to. The couch to 5k. It was perfect for my goal of the time which literally was just to get my @ss off the couch to run the 5K in the Tri. It worked....more

Hallowed Half and 10K

Well I went and picked up the race packets for D and I yesterday.  Here is a pic of the shirts and I think they are pretty awesome!  I’ll update Sunday what our times are, hopefully less than a 12 min mile.  That’s the goal anyways.  Here’s to drinking nothing but water for three days and eating healthier.

My Running Medals

I have something to admit: I have felt a twinge of silliness after finishing a race and wearing a medal around my neck.  After all, I am an adult and I don’t really need a congratulatory medal to tell me “good job”.   In addition, with the exception of a few 5k medals where I won my age group, all my medals are “finisher’s medals”.  I often wondered, “Do I deserve a medal for just ‘finishing’ something I started?...more

Why am I running my first 1/2 marathon.., because I CAN!

Hi there- If you are reading this before noon MST hopefully I finished  my first 1/2 marathon!  I decided 5 months ago at a dinner party with friends (the couple hosting are avid runners) to run a 1/2 marathon.   Our friends  encouraged me to pick a race and commit to it (register and pay)!   And so I did because I can....more

How a Beautiful City Inspired Me to Continue Running.

It’s been about 14 months since I decided to run in an effort to be more active, and 9 months since my first half marathon. Since the Tinker Bell Half in January I have continued to run, however with inconsistency due to a bad knee injury. ...more