Be Your Own Badass

I fear I am a one-note writer.So many of my essays are expressions of gratitude — although sometimes I bury it deeply enough that readers simply think the piece was about eating pie (blueberry up my nose) or getting new shoes (don’t touch: MINE) or loving my kids (Have you met them? They will gaze silently, listen intently, disappear into a book, and two weeks later drop a devastatingly astute observation that reveals they got it.)....more

Run Your Own Pace...

This morning I went to visit an old friend. A friend who has been there for me always. A friend who doesn’t hold it against me when I’ve gone to long without visiting (it’s been some months) but at the same time doesn’t make it easy on me. A friend who is consistently supportive and never bends under whatever weight I bring to them when I come…My friend…Lake Montebello. When I got out of my truck, I did the usual stretches and pulled out my phone to pull up my running playlist (think The Weeknd, Musiq Soulchild, Mint Condition, Floetry, Brian McKnight, etc....more

The "All-Inclusive" Sporty Staycation: Running!

The main impediment to my own pursuit of recreational"tri-athleticism" has always been reticence.That's it.  I'm shy; unsure of myself.I don't have the "proper jargon" down for the swim/bike portions of the program.  I don't have the right gear or proper technique.  And you have to know a lot of stuff....more

10 Things Every Runner Should Know

Spring has finally sprung and my fellow seasonal runners have come out to play. Yay! To me, there’s no exercise better than lacing up my running shoes and heading out for a run on a gorgeous day....more

All the Feels for the Boston Marathon

 Hello!Happy day to you.I flew out of bed today at 6 am, made some coffee, and got ready for an exciting morning....more

Weeping at Track Meets

Emma finished the mile in 5.4 minutes in the 85-degree heat. She did so with the ease I do nothing, not even write these words. ...more

Giving Birth vs. A Marathon

I’ve written and re-written this about ten million times, because it’s so difficult to find the words to describe labor and childbirth. There is really NOTHING that compares, so when a runner friend asked me how similar it is to running a marathon, I kept thinking, and thinking…and thinking some more. I think about it most, and best, while I’m running. That’s the only time I’m actually able to find the words… which I usually forget as soon as I stop running!. But now I think I’ve finally found a way to answer her question…...more

8 Running Tips For Beginners

My goal for this blog is to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle.Some of you may be bored to death of my marathon training updates but I hope that I've maybe inspired just one other person to start running.Starting to run is very challenging. It takes a ton of patience, time and dedication but is one of the most rewarding things ever....more

Training Through Injury

I found out at the end of last year that I had been chosen to be a product tester for a new resistance activewear company called Physiclo.  They were doing a research study to see if wearing their product while training helped athletes to improve their personal best times in the half marathon and full marathon. I was beyond excited when they chose me to be one of the participants. ...more