Fearless Fridays - Hot Weather Running Tips

©iStockphoto.com/Dustin Eli Brunson The weather has been hot, sticky and humid for the last few days. That's great if you can sit poolside or on your deck with a lemonade in hand, but what if running is part of your daily routine? You might be wondering how you can run in this weather. Here are a few of my tips for running in the heat. Hot weather running tips ...more

5 Things you need if you're a beginner runner

 Running has all the ingredients for a balanced, healthy and happy life. It’s tough at the beginning, but fully rewarding once it’s part of your daily routine. I clearly remember my first days of running, and how difficult it was for me to adjust to it. I couldn’t breathe properly and suffered from knee pains. I experienced side stitches that seemed like heart aches, and I didn't know how to deal with them. I almost gave up running after just two trials because I was sure this sport was not for me....more

The Run.

  We're in the thick of summer vacation here....more

Fearless Friday - 10 Tips For New Runners

One of my awesome readers asked me recently if I had tips for someone who's just starting to run. Do I? Running is a great form of exercise that lets you get outside and is a great confidence builder. But like anything else, there are a few things you should know before you start out. Here's my own list of tips for new runners.  I wish I knew some of these when I started out a few years ago. ...more
 @cagey333  I completely agree that signing up for a 5K is a great for motivation. Especially ...more

Long Run Cake


There will always be another day and another run...


Race Report - 2012 Inaugural Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon, June 3, 2012

I just got back into town after running the Inaugural Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon yesterday morning. Before I get to the race report though, I had share the overall punchline from my experiences both here and at the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Half Marathon last month....more
 @victorias_view Thanks! It was a great run. I loved it so much!more

Touch 'em all Joe

Me+: WARNING: This workout was done withOUT my trainer and this is really more about the Jays vs. Yankees game last night anyways. Question: Why am I not blogging as much this week? Answer: I haven't been working out as much this week. ...more

Run Like a Shorkie

Workout Date: Wednesday May 9 5km Run WARNING: This workout was done withOUT my personal trainer....more
 @FatCat  That's awesome! I could never run with Grando either. Some dogs are not designed for ...more

Sunburn On A Cloudy Day (NJ Marathon Race Report)

There is no better way to experience a mix humility and pride than to stand among thousands waiting for the start of a marathon.  For most of us, the competition is between self and self.  Something within us knows we can do this.  That same something has a little doubt.  That same something promises a steady strong run.  Yet that same something is already offering consolation for a nice try, promising that if desired aspirations are not met, that there will be other opportunities. ...more