When I was at school the only sports I ever enjoyed was running. I would keep on running, running & running. It was a way for me to escape everything & block the world out as my feet pounded the school field & my legs just kept on moving. ...more

Running on...

Off and on over the past few years, I’ve attempted to become a runner. With varying degrees of intensity. My sister has also become a runner, but she’s for real, yo. She runs miles and miles.I haven’t gone running in a long time. I do yoga pretty much daily and I haul around a 500 pound toddler, so I like to think that I’m not totally out of shape.This weekend, the Coca Cola 10k happened....more
 @emylibef  It is really a great way to get everyone involved and active :)more

The Cancellation

Me+ Question: What do you do when your trainer cancels your session an hour before? Answer: Go for a run. I know, I know. This blog is supposed to be about Me + My Trainer. But today, it was just Me +. ...more

The Toronto Women’s Run, and other signs that I’m nuts

It’s now the final countdown to the ½ marathon that I’m running at the end of May and I’ve made some drastic decisions.To start with…umm…I’m running 21.1 freaking kilometers. So that’s pretty drastic. If you sense a note of panic creeping into my tone, you’re freaking right. Holy freak!Now that my breakdown is out of the way…...more

The Big Picture

This morning I was out running, ruminating on all the worries in my life. I was too much in my own head. Dwelling on things that I can't change, or things that really don't matter.   So, there I was, nunning along with a head full of generally negative thoughts. I wasn't even particularly enjoying the run. It was bitter cold and I was struggling with the brisk wind. And then - a rustle in the shrubs on the side of the road....more

The Heat Is On - Now What

Well folks, we've feared it for several weeks now but it seems the inevitable has come to pass - we are skipping spring here in NoVA and heading again, full force, into summer. On Friday morning when I left the house at 5.30 am it was 35 degrees. The same time today it was already in the upper 60s. Yesterday we flirted with the 90s and the sun was blazing brightly in the sky....more

Things that make me go hmm..

I am your Redneck Queen!

     I spent my early morning hours in the forest following the tracks of my favorite herd of doe's Trixie, Bambi  and Candy.  The more I think about it, the more I think the doe's I'm constantly seeing near Green Valley Lake are the same ones. Maybe one of these days I will actually get a picture, before Garth Brooks country twang omitted from my smart phone scares them off.    Yes, it would appear these mountain deer are not a fan of old school country music....more

Workouts & a Bonfire

Last weeks workouts were this -workout 15 x 45 strides4 x 1/4 repeats at mile TT minus 5 secondsworkout 24 x 3' out & backsworkout 340-60' alternate 1 mile easy, with 1 mile sub 5k goal 2-3xI was supposed to run tuesday, thursday and saturday. But I got messed up so I got workout 1 done on thursday and that was it. Yeah, not great. So yesterday, I did workout #2 and today started on this weeks' workouts which are...more