When You Finish Your Fifth Half Marathon You Get A Medal AND An Engagement Ring

I registered for the Austin Half Marathon months ago with the intention of rocking the course.  I had just completed the Rock n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon while working through an injury.  I felt so proud of just finishing when my body was so out of wack that I set my sights high.  I ended up being sick quite a bit in the time between the end of October and February 19th 2012....more
What a beautiful finish to your race!  Congrats!!!   If your looking for more half marathons to ...more

I run to be strong, happy, and for a tight tush. Sue me.

Two years ago this week I began running. It started with a hard look at what I was and wasn’t doing and the realization that I needed to change something. I had passed the 40-year milestone and being out of breath by the time I got to the top of the stairs wasn’t on my life goals. Nor was feeling frazzled by a sometimes over-scheduled and hectic life. I needed an outlet....more
I flirt with yoga and running and walking but I don't think I've found my thing yet. more

Half Marathon Training with Bronchitis

Happy Monday everyone! Luckily this is my last 'weekend day' so the last of the house chores had to be done, amongst other tasks such as taxes... boo! So the Half Marathon I have been training just about four months for is officially less than two weeks away, 13 days to be exact. I hit a bit of a speed bump along the training road. No injuries, thank goodness....more

Long Run Saturdays


Ep 50: Rock n Roll New Orleans recap

IIt’s Episode 50 and I am back to talking about running!...more

My FIRST Half Marathon!!

Hey y'all! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty amazing ... I ran the entire time for my first half marathon! I can't express how PROUD I am of myself!! I love that I put my mind to something and accomplished it! It feels amazing :)I'm not going to lie, there were times when I wanted to give up, when I wanted to just start walking ... but I didn't. I love when I'm strong and determined!...more
Yay! It's awesome you made it across the finish line! It must feel fantastic to reach your goal ...more

On My Way... To 15 K

Hello, My Name is: HI!  I'm Mel!  :)  A 32 year old Wife and Stay at Home Mom to 3 adorable children currently residing in the suburbs of Chicago.   I love being a Mom and I love my kids, but holy Moses did I ever underestimate the degree of difficulty of such an adventure! ...more

Recycle Old Athletic Shoes

When it comes to material goods, I am a firm believer in reincarnation. (As for the human soul, I remain Undecided.) So imagine my joy when I discovered Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe program that takes your stinky old tennis shoes, war-torn running shoes and backdated sneakers and gives the material life anew while skipping right over the landfill. Image: ndanger via Flickr ...more
This is one great outcome of recycling! Thank you for sharing!   more

How Do You Even Know Where to Begin When Buying a Sports Bra for DD+?

If you're the type of woman that thinks wearing two bras when exercising will “make do”, then think again! This short blog post will help you understand why I think it is  important to get the right support (and feel great) while exercising!Q. If I’m not doing an aerobic exercise, do I still need to wear a sports bra?...more
@Carmen S Hey Carmen, hahahah you did make me chuckle! I would completely agree..."german prison ...more

Cherry Tree 10 Miler Race Report

Cherry Tree 10 Miler (and 3 person Relay): Prospect Park Park, Brooklyn, NY 2/19/12, 37 degrees, 10mph winds under 1:50:00 ...more