Running on McDonald's

There is apparently a run on running marathons running only on McDonald’s.  Well, at least two marathoners have or will eat only McDonald’s for the last 30 days of their training.  In March of this year, Joe D’Amico, the McRunner, successfully completed a marathon in envy-inspiring time having trained on Mickey D’s. CNN reported yesterday that Emily Strunk-Helm is eating only McDonald’s for the last 30 days of training for the Long Beach marathon as a fund raiser for Ronald McDonald House.  The “running world” is most likely appalled.  You know who I mean....more
@Jane Miller@sassymonkey Hahaha! They did!more

Sex and the Husband

Venus / Mars, Oil/Vinegar, Men/Women...yup...I'm saying that man and woman go together like oil and vinegar. Men and women think of sex so differently - it's a wonder that any marriage at all can last more than 10 years.  I mean seriously dude - back off!!!...more

Ep 20: Run, Rest, Drink, Run, Repeat?

Welcome to Episode 20! I participate in the Two Gomers Virtual 5k, trip over the monster dog at the first mile and get injured! What the heck?! I go to wine club the night before my long run and tell the ladies that I’m never running a marathon again  — and they don’t believe me! I’m late for the Strider Build-up Run the next morning and it all unravels from there....more

Running & Remembering 9/11 in D.C.

The moment I found out ...more

And then I tripped over my dog

Returning to Running in Middle Age

Somewhere inside of me is the skinny runner I used to be -- the one who could run a mile in close to 5 minutes, who for a short time in college ran 70 miles a week, and who completed the Boston Marathon, albeit as an unofficial entry. I am 25 pounds heavier, and a decade older, than when I last ran for fitness, and 40 pounds heavier than when I ran competitively....more

Don't Run Mad

I've been running for therapy since I was able to run.  So, for just about a year, now.  Something happened along the long road of 100m running plus 200m walking for 30 minutes, to 5k runs with 30 second water breaks every 1000m, to 5k runs in the snow with a 30 second water break, to continuous 5k's, to my first 10k race, to my first super-sprint triathlon, to running 10-and-1s to train for a half-marathon....more

Question Mark

That is the shape of my body, right now.Somehow, I've managed to push my head forward, pull my shoulders in, and lean into the balls of my feet so much this week, that when I roll out of bed in the morning I look like question mark.  It's like my body is trying to curl up to protect itself.  Like I'm doing fetal position with such intensity in my sleep that my limbs and spine resist any waking corrective movement....more

Running Rhythm: Slow Down

Mascara dampens my eyelids the minute I open the front door to leave the comfort of our air-conditioned house. Humidity immediately presses my lungs a few inches smaller, Ryan’s words “take it easy” ring in my ears before I insert my earbuds and quiet the world around me with music....more
@FarewellStranger Thanks Robin! Slowing down is tough, but it's important. I wish I could do a ...more

Run, Mama, Run

Whose idea was it to start running at 5:30 AM three days a week?Oh, right, that would be me....more
@DesiValentine4 Thanks! I know, the best part about waking up that early to work out is when you ...more