Believe It Achieve It

I saw an article today that was all about "vision boards" and how they can be used to motivate and inspire you - keeping you focused on your goals and dreams.  OK, so I admit that I only got about two lines into the article before it lost me because it involved being crafty...and seeing how I'm more at home with power tools than I am arts & crafts, I figured the only way I'm getting a vision board is if someone else envisions and makes it for me.  HAH!...more
I love those words! @TheresaCifali I too was inspired by them days ago http:\/\/\/ExwJaUp9more

Keeping It Fun in 2012

I have never had such a hard time writing out my goals for the year. I'm so Type A that by this point, I usually have my entire race calendar planned. But this year, the drive to have my whole year scheduled from Day One, just isn't there. It's weird. And I think it's because I'm cheating on running with swimming and biking. ...more

Pictures from a glorious Central Park run

One of the best parts of where I live in NYC is that I am only 3 blocks south of Central Park by Columbus Circle.  Running in the park reminds me of Madison - not the scenery - but more the sheer number of people running, jogging, rollerblading (yes some people still do that) and walking....more

Save Your Ass Foundation

Reposted from Worst Parade Ever:  The Save Your Ass Foundation...more

Do Right and Fear No Fat

This time two years ago, I was training for a 5K. This may not seem like a lot to most active people, but for me it was epic. I was a smoker at the time and lugging more fat than a cargo shipment of marbleized meat....more

The Simple Track to Your 5K

Welcome to the Road to 5K, part of BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness program! Hi, I'm Ashley and I blog at where I chronicle my life as a vegan runner, yogi, CrossFitter and triathlete. Fitness excites me and reminds me I’m alive. I became a certified personal trainer to inspire others with their fitness goals and am looking forward to earning my CrossFit Endurance certification next month!...more
During my exercise I'm just using my iPod to track how many kilometers and approximately how ...more

Running Into 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  It's hard to believe that yet another year is over and now a new one is upon us, but here we are......more

I was supposed to set a goal?

It’s the closing of 2011 and it seems that the running community is discussing all of their 2011 goals, and if they met them. It appears that I did not set any goals this year. Go figure.Well, let me clarify that. I found a post that I drafted about this time last year, however I never finished it....more

Ragnar Relay - Is that the Race I want to Support?

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How Many Pairs???

How Many Pairs??? "New shoes?" "No...had them a while...just retired them actually..." "Oh...they're not the ones you wore last week..." "Hmm...I can't remember what I wore then, sorry..." ...more