Running 101 Part 2

Have you made the leap and started to run? The first steps are always the hardest and most scary, once you take those, you are home free. Last post we discussed all the necessary components of getting ready for and going on your first run. This post we will discuss a few other factors to consider while on your run.Form:...more

Running 101 Part 1

Running is such a wonderful way to get exercise, but it isn’t always easy to take the first step. I wanted to take some time to share how you can start running and find your happy pace. If you are not currently a runner, think of this as your “Running 101″ course. And, if you are already a runner, think of this as a refresher course.1) Why Run?...more

The Ragnar Relay Washington, DC

What’s better than tackling a 193-mile run? Applauding others as they tackle it!That’s what you can do Friday, October 4, when the Ragnar Relay Washington DC, now in its third year, kicks off at Rocky Gap State Park in Flintstone, Maryland. Barring any blown hamstrings, runners—working in teams of 12—will finish the following day at National Harbor in the Free State's Prince George’s County....more

Getting back to great

Just completed a 4.02 mi run - One time for another great run. YEEEEAAAAHHHHH. #running #templebuilding #RunKeeper...more

10 Reasons Why Running a Marathon Is Like Having a Baby

I feel like I should add a disclaimer right up front: No, I have not yet had the opportunity to push a child out through my lady parts. ...more
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Marathon Training: Weekly Workout Recap

It was definitely a bit easier to get my miles in this week since we weren’t driving across the country anymore. But we were living in a hotel for most of the week and so it was still a little challenging. Here’s a look at my runs for the week:Monday: No run, but tons of walkingTuesday: 10 miles along the water @ 10:00 pace...more

Personal Growth For 400 Miles

Last night, I surpassed 400 miles with my Nike+ Running App....more

Never Underestimate The Power Of Being A Spectator At A Run Disney Race

If you want to be a spectator at a Run Disney event, you need to get up very early ( but I promise you it is worth it)  I wanted to watch my sister complete the Disney Princess half Marathon, so I had to get up by  3:30 am. I grabbed my “designer” sign that I made for my sister  Lacey and we all  headed for the “event” bus at our resort....more

Cross Country Road Trip: Days 7, 8 and 9

Day 7On Day 7 we drove through Colorado and stopped in Boulder and Vail....more

The Dreaded Morning Workout