6 Tips for Running in Winter

It gets icy cold where I live and I have never been able to make that leap from summer runner to runner in the snow. Once the snow falls, I find indoor ways to keep myself active. Then, when spring comes, I dust off my running shoes and get so frustrated because it’s like starting from scratch. I hate that feeling and  I’m tired of being frustrated. So, this year, I decided to try to become one of those crazy people I see running in winter....more

My Feet Carry Me - Running Through Depression

For much of my adulthood, I have been a runner. For years, I belonged to a training group. I had a coach. There were paces, distances, track workouts, hill repeats, races. I distracted myself from the physical pain that comes with this level of training so that I could just do the work I needed to do and run faster or longer or whatever the end goal was....more

Ryan's Surprise Birthday Party

Happy Superbowl Sunday!A month or so ago, I decided that I must throw my husband a surprise 27th birthday party and last night I actually pulled it off! Luckily Ryan had a busy week with work so I was able to pre-make buffalo roll ups, a chocolate cake, and banana bread for the weekend. I hid beer and some take and bake pizzas in the garage because it was cold enough. I also hid some happy birthday signs, cups, plates etc....more

runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon In Review

Our Star Wars Half Marathon finished just a little over two weeks ago, and BB and I are already signed up for our next race day. I can’t explain exactly the empty feeling that came over us after having completed the Star Wars race, but the whole next day we spent searching for another race to sign up for! It must have something to do with all the hard work one puts into training for months that it becomes routine and sticks with you, or at least it did with us. So, now that we are done what did we learn? Our second runDisney race was just as thrilling as the first with a couple minor laughable hiccups....more

Turtle To Hare


5 Reasons Why I Love to Run in the Morning

This morning my alarm went off way too early. The only thing I wanted to do was shut of my alarm and go back to sleep. It also didn't help that my 2-year-old had been awake since 4:30am. But without thinking too much about it, I got up, got dressed, laced up my sneakers and poured myself a large cup of motivation… er, I mean coffee. After downing my coffee and heading out the door, I started my run. Almost instantly I was reminded of why I do this. Why I choose to forgo that extra hour of sleep to go out and run 5 miles. Why I get up in the dark when everyone else is sleeping to sweat. Here are a few of my favorite things about early morning running. ...more
Morning workouts are my favorite, but I prefer sometime around 8 am.  Sadly, this isn't ...more

How to Restart Your Exercise Routine After a Break

I'd spent very little time getting my deep core muscles back up to snuff after delivery, and looking back I'm sure they were no where close to strong enough for my endeavor. I'll never know what role this ultimately played in my body's breakdown and complications after the birth of my second son. Maybe none, but that's not likely. I do know that regardless of whether it had obvious direct consequences or not, I did wrong by my body, mistreating it so. ...more
This is so true. As women we are so hard on our postpartum bodies! We forget that they just gave ...more

Tossing and Turning

For the final night of 2014 (12/30 into 12/31), I did not get REM sleep. I tossed and turned all night, partly because I started on the couch, got up around 2 a.m. to brush my teeth, and then moved to my too warm room. I tried breathing exercises, reading, anything! And of course, in the midst of starting to drift off, my desk computer kicked on for its weekly updates. I did manage four continuous hours from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m., but I knew that was not enough to sustain me for a run....more