Sticky Chewy Rye & Date Bars

My to-bake wish list swells and shrinks depending on the seasons. The frenzy leading up to Christmas always leaves me with regret of not baking all the tempting recipes I bookmark. After the holidays, a virtuous healthy eating attitude typically takes hold and baking has no space in my definition of wholesome eating. When the weather warms up, so does the myriad colour in the market. All that fruit and vegetable signal the beginning of canning season and the heat of oven seems a bit harsh for their natural beauty....more

The New Fashioned: A Modern Twist on a Classic Cocktail

For once, my half-hearted gardening pays off. Every spring, I start off with tons of green thumb ambition, then get lazy and quit pulling weeds by August. Things end up growing where they shouldn't go, and unidentifiable stalks of green take over. But there's one patch of leaves I can identify by smell that keeps getting bigger and healthier every year: a gloriously spreading tangle of mint that's slowly taking over the front yard. ...more
Try finding an online liquor store.more