Is burning a candle all the way down safe?

Easy answer is NO. When you burn a candle, burning it all the way down until the wax is fully gone can be dangerous, When burning our candles burn them until there is about 1/2 an inch of wax left. If you continue to burn the candle past this point, you risk the container exploding! No one likes to glass to the face. So save yourself some trouble, and don't burn your candle all the way down. Usually at this point there is only a little bit of scent left in the wax any how....more

My Top Three Movies to Spend Five Days In

If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick? ~~~~~~~~ I can think of three right off the bat.  It would have to be funny, calm, and maybe a little romance.  I would not like to be stuck in a Horror Movie for 5 days and although I love to read and watch a good mystery/thriller, I don’t think I would want to be stuck in one of those movies for 5 days, either. I can narrow it down to my top three....more

Shelter for the swarm

The house had filled up with children.One washed up from a birthday party. Another seeped in through the door. A third trickled in with two of mine. I didn’t even notice until the number of children in the house was twice that of of my own, until there seemed to be an actual, bona fide crowd gathering in the living room.When I wasn’t looking, my band of Three had doubled so that now they were something to be navigated, a river to be forded....more

After a Tragedy, Tell Your Kids They're Safe

The world has suddenly become a dangerous place. I keep looking out of my window. Across the street, behind my neighbor's yard, I can see the playground at the school. I am aching to see children running and playing as usual at recess. But the playground is silent.Our school is safe. Our neighborhood is safe. The playground is probably silent because it is not recess time. But our world has been shaken by the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. It has taken all of my willpower not to run out my front door and go get my kids out of school....more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do?I said, ” I want to save the world!” BY AUTHOR MELINDATRIPP ON JUNE 3, 2012 So when I am shot down by a young pack of mommys at a bridal shower, I wonder, what now? If I cannot convince moms that they can indeed teach their children safety skills, that those empowered kids could be a gang of fun-loving group of  safe kids playing kickball outside, then why am I doing this? These moms swore their children, even in agroup, will not be allowed to play outside, then I say, you need to read, it is possible to overcome fear, by educating not ...more
Well, you have my attention, and I am willing to listen. Once a young mommy, I lived in great ...more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do? AFTER YOUR PRAYER FOR HER SAFE RETURNBegin teaching your child age appropriate safety strategies.consult your copy of the safety guide, What Should You Do? or look back at my past blogs to get some ideas......this is something you can do, every parent, every teacher, and every care giver.Teach safety, it is easy, practical, and can save their lives. ...more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do?P " Nana why do you teach, children to  be safe?" " Because James, sometimes you just know what you were meant to do." "Will you teach us too?...yes honey all of my grand kids,  too. ...more

Project Safe, creating a Safer Generation

Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do? I am beginning a massive push to announce the creation of a movement to allow every child access to SAFETY EDUCATION in elementary school. I am not just selling my book! It’s true! I know many will think that, but I seriously am a crusader for kids. Those who know me know it is true. When someone gives up a job and savings to put everything into helping kids you know there has to be something to it. Kids are saved everyday by using this easy to use plan....more

Security is a Journey, Not a Destination

This title of this post is a security industry axiom. In other words, we can strive for security, and by making this effort we put ourselves on a path to security. But while we may achieve a relative degree of security, we can never be 100% secure. Even Fort Knox is vulnerable.We can, however, apply strategies that significantly reduce our risk level. One of the best techniques is “layering.” Layers of security make a criminal’s job more difficult by addressing all of the vulnerabilities in your home or office....more

Keeping Your Family Blog Stalker Safe

I was looking under the "Stats" tab in Blogger one day when I came across some information that made me sick. In the Stats tab, there is a list of Google search wording that directed people to your Blog. Among a few wording searches for "Keep Calm, Jared Budge, etc", was a search for "little boy in Thomas underwear," and worst of all, "naked boys in a tent". I'm sure that last paragraph sent some of you mother's heads whirling. The first thoughts are:...more