The Children Are Back!

My memory was fractured in early childhood. I have always been able to recall with great clarity the house and neighborhood in which I grew up. We moved in when I was four and live there until the summer after I turned seventeen. To this day I can close my eyes and take a detailed tour through our two-story home and up and down the street. However, until recently no people animated this inner playback. No parents, no siblings, no one –and our block was filled with children I played with as a child....more

Tutorial: Make Your Own Natural Beeswax Wood Polish

Beeswax polish is a wonderful, all natural way to preserve and protect your wooden treasures, toys and trinkets (furniture, too!).  Here's how to make your own! This is the finish we use on our wooden toys at BTRT....more
Great, its really helpful. It is natural and safe for little hands. Add it provides a ...more

The Keys to Child Care Success: Laws Regarding Licensing, Facility & Staff Requirements

Best Choices Would you go to a dentist who had a revoked license?...more

Healthy Boozing Tips in Time For St. Patrick's Day

I’m all for having a good time and throwing back a couple of drinks, especially on a festive day such as St. Patrick’s Day. But of course, it is easy to over do it and feel like a pile of green garbage the day after. But it’s just as easy to enjoy yourself while being smart and healthy about the whole beer guzzling fiasco. Below are a few tips on how to keep from turning green the day after all the festivities!What to do before your green hued liquor binge:...more
My tip: Take a midday or early evening nap and eat some real food.   We go to the party at ...more

How clean are your cleaning supplies?

As a wife and mother, taking care of my home is important since it’s the main place I nurture my family....more

Dressing Up: Tips for Playing it Safe in Costumes

Hallelujah Day Early on, my brother and I dressed up as Bible characters and went to the "Hallelujah Festival" at our Christian school ...more

Risk Management: Tips for Preventing Choking and What to Do if Someone is Choking

Bed Diving "OK, so Brother can go down head first." That was our first clue we should check to see what the Darling Boys were doing in their room....more

Living Nicely: Is Cadmium Shrek's Kryptonite?

Poor Shrek! It appears he and his cohorts have fallen victim to cadmium. Am I making light of a serious subject? Maybe, but the media seems to be making a circus of this latest recall....more

Safe is a Four Letter Word

 I’ve been encountering a super bad four letter word lately, spoken by both my clients & myself. The word ain’t s*** or f*** or even crap-tastic. No. The word is safe....more