The Hybrid Mom

That's Mommy Warrior To You

Here’s a newsflash: the Mommy Wars are bullshit. There’s no competition. There’s no blue ribbon, golden cup or flower wreath at the end. The best any of us can hope for is that our children will survive childhood and still speak to us.The truth is we’re all flying by the seat of our pants. Every last one of us. Any mother who claims otherwise is delusional at best, and a bald-faced liar at worst....more

I'm A Mama

After being in the weird category of "just a stepmom" for many years,  I'm a mama now. I'm coming out of the fog of the first year and reflecting on what this means. I'm a mama, I eat toddler tapas all day--bits of cheese, nuggets of either fish or chicken, random puffs and Cheerios as I try to get some housekeeping done while my son is napping. Haute on-the-go mom cuisine! ...more

Meet Emma

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm a 22 year old blogger from Birmingham, UK. I am also the founder of MommaFit UK! I got married in 2013 to Matt and we have a beautiful baby girl named Ella. Ella was 5 months old when I started writing for MommaFit. We also have two little Chihuahuas - Freddie and Rocky. Freddie is actually a girl (short for Frederica) and rocky is a little boy. I mainly blog about Ella, but I also write about style, fitness, cooking and our family life....more

10 Things All Mothers Should Know About Their Kids

Being a mom has to be the most incredibly fulfilling job on the planet. I wouldn't know. I'm far from being at a place in my life where becoming mom is either an option at all or a good decision. Still I can admit that I admire the women I know who are mothers and I slightly envy those who in a few months will become mothers. I adore my own mother more than words can say. Not to mention, aside from her I have an amazing "adopted" mom who is also mommy to my two year old little sister....more

When Being The Mom Stinks

Last Wednesday I had successfully crossed off every single item on my things to do list. I was feeling proud and accomplished by this coup of mom management until I was reading it back to myself and realized something: I am really drowning in the daily humdrum....more

How to make a stay-at-home mom costume

Halloween is almost here. You might have your kids’ outfits picked out, and maybe you don’t yet. Don’t worry momma, you’ll figure something out and the world will keep on turning.But what about you? Do you have a costume picked out yet? ...more
BNadyn Oh my goodness, that is a fantastic idea!more

Mommy Wars: Can't We All Just Get Along?


My Choice to Stay Home

My Choice to Stay Home {via: Hand Written Word}...more

Favorite Pinterest Pages

My Favorite Pinterest PagesPOSTED ON SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 ...more