I Have It All, Just Not At All Once

I left the best job I ever had to adopt the uniform of a SAHM. It was a tough decision. I hadn’t finished my degree, so my journey up the corporate ladder looked an awful lot like a cat climbing a tree. I stole one last glance from that penthouse window after packing up my desk. Ten years of claws-out determination, and I was headed home for the foreseeable future. Goodbye, career. ...more
You put into words so well how this transition feels.  I left my well-paying career a few months ...more

What If Good Enough Just...Isn't?

As a writer (and probably every other profession out there), we are always looking for the next, big thing. That next, super-popular post gone viral, our 15 minutes of fame, or a new, original and undiscovered idea. And when we have it, we revel and bask in the glory, for a moment, that we have produced something quality, worthwhile and meaningful. Until the light fades and our public moves on to something newer, better or flashier....more

Anybody really know what time it is? Anybody really care?

The whole time-space continuum goes into bizarro mode once you have a baby....more

Yes, I'm tired.

It's 9:30 pm.  I've been awake since 4:15, and up for the day since 6:15.  I'm tired.But I don't complain. I will never complain.  I chose this job, I volunteered for it, I begged for it....more

How to not only Survive but THRIVE one ONE Income

Life as a mom is a vicious cycle of mommy-guilt, time management accountability which turns into justification of time and much more. Stay-at-home-mom's are {sometimes} jealous of the working mom's and the working mom's are {sometimes} jealous of the stay-at-home-mom's. ...more

The Lovely Blog Award

It's Hump Day! ...more

Real Woman Workout


Mindfulness (or lack thereof), Christmas Rush and the Elf

Being mindful is not the easiest task when you are a mom, especially when you are new in the role. A lot of talk went on this summer over the Georgia father who left his child in the hot car to die. Numerous mommy blogs then kept popping up with moms confessing to accidentally leaving their child in the car, at the store, lost in the mall, and sharing their guilt. I personally don't feel that moms should be put on the spot about this and feel horrible that it become a news story that then morphed into a whole zeitgeist about lack of mindfulness in parents....more
Yes! I hear you, sista! And I say so in my rap "ChristmasTime"...the whole thing gets out of ...more

The Hybrid Mom