Staying home with the kids

Traffic is what did me in. I had it all planned out: I left work a little earlier than normal, I had a route home that avoided the major roads and I was excited. I was going to make it to my son's school in time for curriculum night....more

The Nomad Mom

Where is my tribe? I am wandering lost through a barren landscape, a nomad with no place to call home. Where is my tribe? I always assumed I would be your run of the mill mainstream mom (although that was back when I was foolish enough to think any part of parenting was “run of the mill”). I actually used to mock attachment parenting. When that Life Magazine issue came out with the woman breastfeeding the kid on a ladder that phrase became synonymous with weirdo....more

How to Survive a Sick Baby With Your Sanity Intact

Back in July, my son Ryan had his first real illness. High fever, very cranky, super clingy. Basically not like him whatsoever. Turned out he had a double ear infection AND he was cutting his first molar. Poor kid....more

One SAHM's Not-So-Secret Resentment

Before I had kids and before I was married, I had big, fat dreams of living in New York City and owning my own event planning company. I'd wear high-end clothes that even Olivia Pope would envy. I'd be invited to fancy galas and black tie events. I'd even be honored at a few of them. I had it all mapped out: I'd be married by 27 and I’d have my first and only child at age 32. ...more
Thank you for reading it and truly understanding me.more

Can Mothers REALLY Have it All?

I know – it’s the billion dollar question.  The question that has been debated for generations, and yet remains unclear.  Can mothers really have it all?  Or is it a myth, an unattainable rung on the ladder that serves only to remind us that we are failing?I don’t know.I am trying, dammit.  I grew up in the generation that was taught that we women could do anything and everything.  And do it well.  And with grace.  And beauty.  And charm and wit and manners and all the rest of it....more

The Real Reason I Stay At Home

I'm a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I could tell you that this was the plan all along. That I always knew that this is how we would raise our family. But that isn't how it happened. A series of choices led our family to this place, but underneath the practicalities and the logistics there was a feeling. A feeling of insecurity in my own childhood that I wanted to keep my own children from having. I've built my life around my kids' schedules. ...more

Parenthood: Sometimes You Want to Scream, and Sometimes Their Hugs Fill Up Your Universe

Sometimes you wipe with paper towels or Kleenex when you can't afford or have time to get out and buy -- or even remember to buy -- toilet paper. Sometimes you step on something wet on the floor when walking out of the bathroom and you wonder what it is, but deep down you really know. ...more
barbeedreamhouse Thank you! it's cliche but parenting has got to be one of the most difficult ...more

My Struggle With Endometriosis

I remember it all so vividly, almost as if it happened yesterday. The year was 2002. I was twenty-two-years-old, and a recent Southern California transplant. I had been experiencing a persistent pain in my pelvic region. It radiated down my leg with each step I took. The pain was all too familiar. It began when I was nineteen. It was recurring, annoying and accompanied by long menstrual cycles. However, on this particular day the pain was so intense that it crippled me. I crawled on the floor with tears flowing down my cheek because the pain was unbearable....more