So Long it's Been Good to Know You

I’m a good mother.I’m not a perfect mother. I could easily fill up 100 pages with mistakes I made just this weekend.But unlike the deep bouts of doubt I once had over whether I was a good actor or singer, or the doubts I can have today over whether I’m a good writer, blogger, gardener, or even friend, I don’t have too many over my ability as a mother....more

How to Win and Keep Mommy Friends

Friendships can be tricky.  Even as an adult, we are often looking to make friends, solidify friendships, and maintain friendships.  Based on my own experiences (and pet peeves), I have a few tips for making and keeping friends when you enter the world of SAHM. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves....more

10 Things NOT To Say To A Stay-At-Home-Mom

I have a pretty good sense of humor. I can shrug off unintentionally inconsiderate comments or nosey questions, especially when they come from the folks I love the most....more
mommydiary Thank you! Kids can really put a lady through some crazy stuff :)more

7 Steps for the Perfect Stay-Cation

Looks like Scott, The Boy and I will be on vacation.  Now, for the last year The Boy and I have been on vacation almost all of the time.  No real structured vacation except for when we went to the Adirondacks last October (awesome vacation!)....more

Last Minute Easter

It is 7:42 pm on Easter Eve and I am sitting on the couch drinking wine and watching Moses (or is it Ben Hur?) and I am feeling that twisty knot of guilt in my stomach forming because I botched another holiday for my four year old....more

There are no sick days for mommies!

Each time I dare to get sick, I’m plagued with a recurring dream....more

A Table for Two

I made sure I looked a little extra pretty today. I took an extra  minute with my hair and made sure my eye makeup looked nice, remembering to use a little eyeliner. As I went to get to dressed, I passed on wearing my favorite, if a little raggy, green sweater, for my nicer knit turtleneck..No weekend-mom attire would do today. I had a date planned with someone very special, my eight-year-old son Peter.It’s all he’s wanted to talk about all week....more

Hold On To What Is Good

Scatter brained, forgetful, tired, spacey. I never would have used those terms to describe myself three years ago. Yet, here I am. I am all those things. And I'm positive I can blame those things on chubby, messy toddler hands leaving smudges on all the furniture and windows and silly children that keep pooping on my family room floor. [sigh] I remind myself all the time this is just a phase in my life. It won't last forever...not even close. In the scheme of things it will seem to have gone by so quickly. I mean they won't poop on my floor forever...right?!...more

Seasoned With Salt

Salt. It tastes good. It usually makes things taste better. If your soup doesn't have much flavor? Add a little salt. Right?...more

Today I Wanted to Run Away

When my kids were younger, I loved reading them the story of The Runaway Bunny. Having a little one all snuggled up on my lap as I told the story of the little rabbit who tells his mom that he wants to run away was always one of my favorite ways to end a long day. My kids would giggle and smile as I would use all the years of acting lessons I had making the story come alive. ...more
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