Resident Free Tuesdays at Balboa Park in San Diego

Balboa Park Resident Free Tuesdays For me, every summer is a great opportunity to spend lots of quality time with my family....more

Ladarius Green --- Underrated Player of the week

It's Monday again so here goes my third installment of a highly overrated or underrated player in the NFL. Last week I wrote about the block eating Dont'a Hightower, this week we have Ladarius Green , Tight End for the San Diego Chargers, as my underrated player...more

Welcome to Paradise.

Bob Filner: America's Most Lecherous Mayor?

Bob Filner makes Anthony Weiner look like an amateur. San Diego's Democratic mayor even won Conan O'Brien's "Perv-Off" and broke The Daily Show's "Eww-O-Meter."...more
Nice piece (I live in San Diego!). But the writer invented a word - "scruitinous." I think it ...more

Healthy Sips and Suppers in San Diego

Whether you are doing a tour of California for a little r and r or frequently travel San Diego for ComicCon, the southernmost metropolis of California, is a great place to visit. Beachy, relaxed and beautiful, healthy food is easy to find in this bayside border town....more

Gypsies Win ABC's 'Expedition Impossible' Proving Reality-TV Isn't All Bad

A small bladder, sparse facial hair and crazy camels didn't get in the way of the Modern  Gypsies, the San Diego team who won it all in the first season of ABC's Expedition Impossible. And these  boys are also living proof that reality TV can have an encouraging outcome for the greater good. But these recent reality-TV celebs didn't waste any time after the show's finale. The Gypsies are back on the saddle traveling to raise money and awareness about their newest mission as "Compassionate Adventurers."...more

Being a Man at BlogHer

A year ago I decided to sail about and see the bloggy part of the world. I’d already started a dad blog and begun learning the ropes. This August, I betook myself to San Diego and booked ship on the Mer de Femmes, otherwise known as BlogHer ‘11.This is my ship's log.BlogHer is a sea of 3,000 women. This is a very large number of women to be immersed in if you’re a man. Many more than I've ever known, seen, or imagined. Overwhelming, actually....more
Kristen -- You can be my wing wo-person anytime. Ron -- Let's fly in formation at Blog Her ...more

When the marine layer clears, everything is so much sunnier

Week before last, I headed out to San Diego to visit my parents for the first time since they moved there in January....more

BlogHer '11 Recap: It Really Was "Life Well Lived"

I've attended a lot of BlogHer events, (six main conferences and three food conferences), and BlogHer '11 was by far my favorite. I've also written a lot of BlogHer conference wrap-up posts but the BlogHer '11 wrap-up post has been the most difficult to write. I can't just say "Best. Conference. Ever." even though a lot of people who've attended multiple BlogHer conferences have said the same thing. I have to tell you why it was the best conference ever, and that's hard to explain. ...more
(not sure what the weird button is showing up for...)more