Found Art – The Murals of the Mission District, San Francisco

 (Please click on the photos to see them whole.)...more

Picking Out an Elementary School in SF

When I moved to San Francisco, I had a few months to chose an elementary school for Anna. The truth is, I didn't spend too much time thinking about it. Our situation broke down like this: My office was in the financial district and like any sane person, I wanted nothing to do with the horrors of Bay Area traffic. So, we moved into a place downtown. I also knew that private schools were out of the question unless we we willing to eat ramen noodles for the rest of our lives. Thus, we enrolled in the SFUSD system....more

An Urban Chicken Coop Design

 There's a chicken standing on its porch on the right of...more

The First Post

While I’m not new to blogging, the blog subject of parenting is certainly new to me. Photos mostly captured Anna’s precious infant and toddler years, a seemingly chaotic time that didn’t leave much time for personal blogging....more

My Conversation With an Occupy Protestor

Philip Oje, 26, is precisely the kind of radical every societal revolution desires. Young, earnest and idealistic, Oje joined Occupy San Francisco on September 30, 2011. He wants nothing less than to totally change the world. "Ideally, I'd love to see a money-less society," he confesses, grinning. I chuckle at this, but he's not joking. "Everything needs to change," he says. "We're trying to do something that has never been done before -- what we're doing has never been done in the entire history of humanity!" ...more

Christmas Shopping Through a Newcomer's Eyes

I came to this country in the winter of 1964, at the age of eight. And on that very first American winter, my adopted American grandfather took me and my younger brother to The Emporium, on Market Street, in San Francisco. We saw our very fist American Christmas display, met Santa Claus for the first time and sat on his lap. And then we saw our very first American Christmas Carnival, of all places, on the rooftop of The Emporium. We rode a Ferris wheel, tasted yummy corn dog on-a-stick, and fell in-love with cotton candy—a cloud of pink, sugary delight....more
Have fun on Saturday, mi Amiga! Hey, wanna think about doing coffee next week, like for sure?! ...more

HOME IS - Where Your Heart BEATS

Sitting on the beach by the Golden Gate bridge is amazing, the view is great, it makes you feel that you are part of history, that you are a dot in the map you can google earth it and if you look real close it might be able to spot you....more

San Francisco Recipe: Parmesan, Cauliflower and Parsley Salad

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They're for you.

One thing we have a TON of around Union Square is flower stands, there are about 5 in a 5 block radius on either side of you at any time. It's freaking fantastic! Yesterday a colleague of mine and I ventured out for a walk and I just had to look like a loony for few minutes to kneel down and snap some quick photos of the flowers.I had to use my iPhone and they are blurry as a result, but I still think they look semi cute enough!...more

North Beach via Chinatown

Last Thursday a couple of very wonderful friends (waving at Roman & Laura) invited my cute husband and I to a comedy club/show in the city. It was set to start around 7:30pm and because I was off work at 530 that day I looked up how far away from Union Square the club was and decided to walk to meet the 3 of them there....more