How Pinterest Makes Me Feel Like a Giant Failure

 like Pinterest for some things --- we all do. But most of the time, Pinterest seems like it’s screaming inadequacies down at me from Martha Stewart’s land of Craftocleanonia. Every time I open the app, Pinterest suggests something I’d never have time for, never want to have time for, or just am too damn lazy for. I want to try. Oh, how I want to try. But Pinterest, you deter me at every turn. I’m not talking #nailedit type fails. I’m talking about sapping my will to live....more

10 Parenting Rules That'll Keep You Sane

Sometimes life gets the better of you. You’re exhausted, stressed, pulled in 28 different directions and bombarded by kiddie germs, and you need a proverbial—or literal—reboot.  I certainly needed one this week…and then I found this post, which I wrote a few months ago. It’s kind of cool when you stumble upon something you wrote a while back—in a happy, non-stressed state loaded with perspective—right when you need it. ...more
lynnmessina BlogHer Thanks, Lynn! And thanks for sharing! :)more

You Say There is a Method...

Voices. I hear voices.

I have a confession to make. Seeing that I’m not Catholic, you’ll have to listen to my confession. If it will make you feel better, I’ll sit in a small stuffy room while I type. I hear voices. No, not in a Joan of Arc way, and no, my dog doesn’t talk to me (probably because I don’t have a dog), but I do hear voices. They pop up when I read an “informative” article, listen to the side effects during a pharmaceutical commercial or when someone cuts me off on the freeway. Sometimes the voices are helpful:  “Pick up Lauren at school. Don’t forget to call your aunt....more

I need my sanity, no matter how much is left

Repost from my blogger and storylane from 4 days ago: Luckily, I did not partake of any of the liquor. I resisted temptation. Someone drunk up the fancy wine, vodka, and Brandy, but not Stacie D. :-) Sister still at the extended stay, getting away from all the kiddies, including her own.  ...more

Sane Work/Life Practices for Leaders

One of the most annoying phrases ever to be coined was 24/7. What the heck happens 24/7? Human beings aren't built for that kind of demand. Here are some proven leadership practices from an executive for maintaining balance and sanity between life and work. ...more

Not for me!

A few years ago my cousin approached me about an invention she had thought up while she was on strict bed rest while pregnant for her last of three daughters. With nothing much to do and ideas streaming through her mind, she was curious about a pendant that could "entertain" baby during breastfeeding time. This pendant would dangle from a lanyard that mommy would wear around her neck. It would be attractive to baby both through look and feel....more

Serene Sunday - Quick Date Night

Serene Sunday - for me, serenity can be found in Quick Date Night with my husband. Each Sunday throughout the month of September I will be exploring ways to find serenity in one hour or less. This week, I am finding serenity in Quick Date Night with my husband. ...more

What's Posted on Your Fridge?

  The Joy of Mothering. I want to share three quotes that are on my fridge. All three are key to my sanity, each for a different reason. When I feel at my wit's end....more
 @kisschronicles That IS a good quote. I am glad that laughter worked.more

five things that threaten my sanity

sanity and i have never been close friends. i have spent the past 20 years afraid of one thing or another. 20 years of explanations and excuses. of strange looks and cold shouders.twenty years of strength, faith and hope.  and twenty years seeing the dark side and realising how funny it is. just recently i had a physch appointment and as i (once again) revealed the dark and twisting story of my life i had a thought. these are not the things that threaten my sanity....more