9 Easy Swaps to Help with Frugal Budgeting

[Editor's Note: This great list of suggestions spans clothes to food to utilities.]Budgeting and saving doesn't have to mean sacrificing. It might just mean making small changes or tweaks in what you've been accustomed to. Swapping should be easy and painless, it just takes creativity and preparation!...more

Saving Money in a Jar // Part 2

My next Jar-ing idea references back to my Grandmas Wisdom post about us ladies doing something for ourselves....so one way to maybe save up for a much needed pampering night/day out is.... ...more

Saving Money in a Jar // Part 1

I am terrible with money- budgeting, saving, spending...everything.  I'ts a difficult game for me to understand, because I am such a hands on learner its hard for me to grasp money going out and coming in when everything is automated and we use credit/debit cards all the time.  Mike and I are constantly re-evaluating our budget and how to stay on that budget...its so darn hard!  However, I came across a few ideas that I liked and work for me on a smaller scale.  The first is: ...more

Skipping College & 9 Other Things We Did to Buy a House at 24

We've been planning and preparing for this moment for years. Working hard, saving harder, and the day has finally come. We're able to move out of our third-story, two-bedroom apartment and into a home with enough rooms for each child to have one and a backyard where they can play....more
Interesting read but my fiancé and I are both qualified in our professions. I went to Uni ...more

This one weird trick to save money for travel - which isn't what you think - will restore your faith in humanity

 This one weird trick to save money for travel - which isn't what you think - was invented by a mum, will restore your faith in humanity, and your doctor doesn't want you to know about itA few weeks ago, Æ emerged from the study in a great flap of excitement asking if I knew how much money was in our bank account. I glanced at the calendar and estimated $X, because it was just after he'd usually get paid, but before I'd got around to doing anything about it....more

I Adore the Dollar Store

If you like shopping, there’s almost nowhere you can have as much fun with a few dollars in your pocket as the dollar store. You’ve just got to love a place where every item is a dollar or less!...more

Top Ten Reasons You Should Shop In Thrift Stores

#10 - You'll save money.  ...more

Why you should always buy from an authorized retailer

Prior to owing an e-boutique I was your average, every day web shopper. I spent countless hours searching for the best deals on quality items. Oftentimes those deals would come from auction sites such as eBay. From time-to-time I would even find great deals on e-commerce sites - many offering 20 to 30 percent off prices found on any other site. I often wondered why they were they able to offer such significant discounts....more

Where to save and where to spend: navigating your purchases for the newest member of your family

You’ve heard me talk a lot about pricey baby gear, so I thought it was time for a post on where to save. In the course of my four years in mommyhood, I’ve bought a LOT of (likely too much) baby gear, clothes, and other products. Some purchases have been validated 10 times over and others, not so much. There are some things you really don’t need and some areas to save your money. ...more

Is that Sale Price REALLY a Good Deal?

With the economy the way it is, food prices higher than ever and budgets stretched ever tighter... most people realize that they need to do something to help bring their food costs under control. So, with the best of intentions, you clip coupons and watch the sales ads for your local grocery stores... but did you know that you don't always get the best price possible?...more