Weekly meal plan: week of November 7, 2011

random picture of things I love to consume I'm going to start posting my weekly meal plans - if I do this I will stick to it, right!?...more

Outsmart Corporations...With a Sharpie

Have you ever wondered why the measurement cups for laundry detergent are so impossible to read?Consider that the outside of your box, carton, or bottle is stamped in bright colors in a giant font. Yet the cup they send you to measure out the high performance serum (or powder) is barely legible.  This is not an accident. ...more
I've been doing this for a while..... too much detergent leads to dirty looking clothes here in ...more

Tips on How Not to Blow Your Budget with Back to School Shopping

Ah August. The sun is shining, the grass is burning, the flowers are blooming (or wilting) and we all feel the winds of change off in the distance. It will be back to school time in just a matter of a few weeks for many students....more
@aitch Yep. Brown lunch bags aren't just for lunch anymore. They're great for helping you when ...more

Easy Guide to Extreme Couponing

Step 1: Coupons, Coupons, Coupons! Start off by stocking up on coupons. Buy your local Sunday paper (I buy 4, but beginners may want to start with one). Also, get signed up for P&Gs coupon booklet mailed out quarterly here: Also, you might want to subscribe to AllYou magazine, or pick one up at your local Wal-mart....more

A Woman on a Mission for a…

Have you ever had something you just know you want or think you need. No matter how much you try to move it to the back f your mind, it just continues to wiggle it’s way to the front of your thoughts. At first it just a random thought that pops in at those odd moments. You know the ones right before you fall asleep and then you can’t… or when you are in the middle of a discussion and in it pops! Never mind that it has nothing to to with the conversation at hand. Well I’ve been having these “thoughts” since last December when my trusty, I’ve dried more loads than you can count dryer quit. Yep, the nerve of that thing. Didn’t the poor over worked dryer understand I needed it…daily!...more

Go Green, Period: I Tried a Reusable Menstrual Cup

If you're like me, you're looking for ways to improve upon your efforts at green living.  Here's my latest step. Since the return of my period when my daughter was 14 months old, I have been a GladRags girl.  GladRags are reusable cloth menstrual pads, and in my five years of using them, I have loved them!  They are so much more comfortable  than disposable menstrual pads, they are obviously cheaper in the long run and better for the environment, and they are multi-purpose--I wear them when I am s...more

I had a really hard time with them learning how to use pads correctly and then tampons. It was a ...more

Couponing 101 from an Un-Extreme Coupon Shopper

I'm not sure if it's the aesthetic or a simple case of Obsessive Compulsiveness that causes me to neatly arrange and organize my couponing stockpile.  But when I do, I sit back and stare at it as if it's a treasured trophy from a national championship game or an Olympic gold medal. I suppose in a way it is some sort of game trophy.  After all, I do strategically work out a game plan, write out all of the plays and carry it out all the way to the end zone or finish line.  And I have a nice trophy (a.k.a. stockpile) to show off because of my effort....more

I hate all kinds of shopping. I'm also the person who would spend 20 minutes in a grocery store ...more

Clipping Coupons

Yesterday was one of those days I plunked my bottom down on the couch and watched television until my eyes glazed over.  The six hours of gardening had left me with little energy to do much of anything else.  As I was channel surfing, looking for a program to take a nap to, I came across TLC: Extreme Couponing.  I had seen the trailers for the program, but I didn’t really have much of an interest watching women clip coupons....more

Seed Starting 101- How to save money and start your own!

As we move through spring (way quicker that I'd like to be moving!), have your thoughts turned to gardening? Since I've gotten more and more interested in planting and growing my own food, it seems that gardening is never to far from my mind, even in the dead of winter!  ---I'm on the road to find out--happy home http://happyhomeypsi.blogspot.com...more

Amazing Diaper Deals!

If you are buying diapers anywhere besides Amazon, you need to STOP RIGHT NOW!!When I was newly pregnant, I really stressed out about the maintenance costs of a baby. I had heard so many horror stories about how expensive diapers are, and a newborn goes through at least twelve of them a day. I started doing calculations in my head and wondered how the heck anyone without a cush job can afford to diaper a baby and still buy groceries....more