Do More With Less

This December, the NaBloPoMo (the what?? see my sidebar for a link. It's a daily blogging challenge) theme is "More-Less"....more

Money Saving Tip for Holiday Baking

Save on Heating Costs

In many places, the cold weather has already set in. But here in Northern California, it is just starting to dip below the 70's. (Does it sound like I am bragging? 'Cause I am. I hate the cold.) Here's a few tips to help you save money this winter and use less energy.Open your blinds and curtains during the day. Though it is winter, the sun is still shining. Take advantage of this and keep your blinds and curtains open to let the sun warm your house. At night, shut the blinds to keep the warmth in....more

New Ebook Release: 52 Easy Steps to a Frugal New You

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step –Old Chinese Proverb ...more

Put that litter bucket to use! DIY detergent.

I had been waiting and waiting and WAITING for my store-bought laundry detergent to run out so that I could make my own. But given that I try to do as little laundry as possible, getting to the bottom of that bottle took about a million years. Waste Reduction Tip: Smell Test Your Clothes - A Time Honored Way to Cut Back On Laundry and Save Energy ...more

How I Saved My Financial Sanity: 4 Lessons Learned

When I made a solid plan to save money, I learned to control my debt. It no longer controls me. ...more
I certainly bookmarked this post to come back to again and again. Debt can be so crippling and ...more

Saving Mummy's Quick-List of Saving Tips!

Here is my Quick-list of Saving Tips!  How many are you already doing I wonder…....more

DIY Upcycled Glass Bottle Tiki Torch Tutorial

Hot time in the GD studio last week! It was 95 degrees and the air conditioning vents in the studio weren't flowing – ahhhhh. We managed to keep our cool and have a great show anyway. ALWAYS fun to have Jeff Yeager, the Ultimate Cheapskate on the line to talk how saving green is GREEN. He had some great tips for cool summer green living....more

3 Ways College Graduates Can Save Money Post Grad

As the class of 2013 gears up for their college graduation ceremonies this May, with that diploma will come a great deal of additional financial responsibility. Student loan payments, rent, utilities, monthly car notes, and credit card statements will suddenly need to be addressed and paid for and for many new graduates, this debt can be easily overwhelming. Don't panic about the money owed just yet - there are still a few ways that new college graduates can work to save money once they're off the campus and into the real world....more