Saving Money on Entertainment

When we first started trying to cut down on expenses, I wanted to get rid of the cable but my husband wasn't ready to make that sacrifice yet.  It took almost 2 years from the time we started talking about it till we actually got rid of it.  The cable company kept raising our rates.  We started using Netflix and after a while, my husband agreed that we didn't need the cable anymore. Canceling Cable: $60 monthly savings, Annual savings: $720...more

Piggy Bank vs. the Pickle Jar: Teaching Kids to Save

I know I'm the same way.  If I'm saving up for a vacation or something big, I will track my ...more

Trying to Save Money on Our Electric Bill

Our whole house is electric, nothing uses gas.  So the electric bill ends up being one of our largest monthly expenses after our mortgage.  Here's an idea of some of the things that we have tried to save money on electricity:...more

I'm A Mechanic Thanks To YouTube

Recently my car’s warranty ran out and within a few month’s time the service light went on. Being a girl of means, I ran to my computer for help. Not to contact my dealership to schedule an online appointment, but to Google the code meaning, where to buy the parts and finally, how to fix the problem myself....more

5 Ways to Save Money at a Car Dealership

People are paying for car repairs every day that they could have gotten for FREE!!! has compiled a list of ways to save money at a dealership....more

Bargain Shopping: Ikea! Do You?

*Note: Ikea in no way sponsors me, gives me any free merchandise, or even knows I exist.  But how I wish they did....   I always love a good bargain and Ikea usually can make me happy. Yesterday was no exception. ...more  lol No, I want a Skeeter -- I don't need one. ;-)more

Frugality on Grocery Day

I have repeatedly said that being frugal can mean something to me and something completely different to you.  I used the cable television as my first example.  My definition is to be very careful spending money, but not stupid.  This week coupons, stocking up, and gardening are my examples. People use coupons to purchase groceries.  I rarely, if ever, use coupons.  I grocery shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store. I shop the baking isle, the condiment isle, and the pasta/bean isle on the inside perimeter....more

My New Years Resolution – Saving for the Yankees!

I know that it is not January first yet and this resolution, if you will, is slightly premature but I need some time to focus and get my head in the game. So just hear me out will ya?...more

Start Fresh in 2013

For many of us, the start of a new year is when we feel motivated to make changes and begin better habits that will make us healthier and happier.Sadly too many of us set unrealistic goals that we are unable to achieve, which makes us feel depressed, or we don’t bother setting any at all because we are jaded by past failed attempts. Do NOT let this hold you back. Setting goals that are within your reach and achieving them will boost your emotional well-being and add joy to your life....more