Stop the stereotypes. Women like science.

Does our society think women like science?...more

Meeting working professionals can help expand career options

" perception of what I want for my future would change completely"...more

What is DNA?

We see the DNA helix everywhere....more

Does Butter Really Cause Alzheimer’s?

Love popcorn? Been having trouble with your memory lately? Perhaps you saw the story popping on news and health websites about the link between popcorn flavoring and Alzheimer's disease and panicked. What have I been doing to my brain all these years? But before you toss out that box of Orville Redenbacher, you might want to take a look at the actual science behind the story. ...more

How Do We Interest Girls in Science? Not Like This

Emily Willingham, managing editor, DoubleXScienceA man with a chiseled face dons his horn rims for a better look as three barely adult women in micromini dresses and stilettos catwalk toward him. As he stares in shock, lust, and awe, each woman strikes a pose as a bass beat throbs in the background....more
Have you ever seen videos by the mathematician Vi Hart? She's very engaging and smart, an ...more

Ever Wonder Why Yawns Are Contagious?

When is a yawn just a yawn? When is a yawn more than a yawn? Contagious yawning -- the increase in likelihood that you will yawn after watching or hearing someone else yawn -- has been of particular interest to researchers in many fields. In this post, we'll explore different studies and conclusions. ...more
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I am a series of events

If it's scientifically proven that everything is in a constant state of change, then life's big question: Who am I? becomes irrelevant. It's no wonder the question is hard to answer. What you are changes from one moment to the next. It's impossible to pin down.Rather, the question we should be concerned with is: What am I becoming? After all, we know that matter is energy (and energy matter), therefore it's what we put our energies into that constitutes the matter we are made of....more
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What do you do when life gives you lemons? Make FUN Science experiments!

Can't post today's article here since it's a guest post for a local online magazine.Instead, here's a little intro on what it's about and how it can help YOUR kiddos.-----------------------Remember a previous post that said this:...more

It Sparkles

Renee RobinsonThe Sombrero GalaxyThe hourglass, the shape of a woman, woman gives birth, another grain added to the glass, The hourglassStars sparkle in the sky, the galaxy, the planets-sun-moon all evolving, all glowing, Stars sparkle in the skyLIFEI am a grain of sandAmong all of you...more
It sparkles ... a wonderful image and poem. Awesome photos. Thanks for the inspirational ...more