Someone is watching you...

The other day my fourteen year old, Pepper, said that she can sense it when someone is looking at her. She then gave me an example about how she discovered her sixth sense. It is indeed very true. The question is how? So, this is what she said, “It is probably a predator sense left over from our ancestors.” I was fascinated by her explanation, so I went online and found an article @ dated February 16, 2011 ......more  Thank you Robin .. Please enlighten me with what you have learned from ...more

Science reveals: sleep deprived and food ...

On a recent article in Science News, where Marla Sokolowski, a behavioral geneticist at the University of Toronto Mississauga conducted a study on two different flies, and she revealed, “Sitter flies, like most people, had trouble learning after being kept up all night, but the flies’ short-term memories improved when food was withheld for 12 hours. The rovers, which seemed like “über-duper super flies” when sleep deprived, had impaired memories when starved, says neuroscientist and study coauthor Paul Shaw of Washington University in St....more
It is kind of funny that I never got to try this at all but then I always finished my dinner ...more

Did You Marry A Cheater? Or, 4 Ways to Tell A Study Is Baloney

Sure, this is a survey of 7,000 respondents, looking at engagement month and cheating. But does it mean that people getting engaged in February, December, and June are going to face a cheating spouse? It's time we looked at this thing with a skeptical eye. And this study has a lot to tell us. In particular, it's got all of the rules that allow you to determine whether the study you're looking at is total baloney. ...more
Fabulous article!  As a sex therapist and clinical psychologist, I too am concerned about the ...more

Ask A Scientist: Fatty, Fatty Two By Four

Question:  “Why can you whip cream but not milk?” -Michael W  Syracuse, NY...more

What Doesn't Separate Us From Animals

Humans have long invented and clung to rationales for our superiority to animals, and, by extension, for our right to use and abuse them. One favorite distinguishing characteristic was language, but then great apes like a chimpanzee named Washoe learned sign language....more

Ask A Scientist: Browning

“I read in a cookbook that it was inaccurate to call browning meat ‘carmelizing.’ Is this true?” -Sean W. Lima, OH....more

Wednesday's Woman: Astronaut, Innovator, Educator

My daughter recently renewed her interest in science during her 8th grade class study of space and the universe.  While looking online to find articles and videos that I thought may augment her learning, I came across today’s Wednesday's Woman.  She is also featured in the January/February issue of New Moon Girls, my favorite periodical devoted to and written for tween girls. This week's ...more

A Blessedly Messy Business

Around the end of the last century I decided to divide my heart in half and share it with a really important person. He gave it back to me whole and then some. I've never understood the finer points of the "hard sciences" - some say it has something to do with chemistry or some such. Perhaps mitosis? That's biology. And it rhymes with halitosis, so I reject it. Olivia Newton John said something about physics once, didn't she? I was distracted by the headband, can't remember....more

Is Chicken Soup Really Good for the Soul?

It's no secret that people often consume comfort food when they experience negative emotions, as an attempt to create within themselves a more positive emotional state. But just what exactly is it about chicken soup that makes it soothe the soul? ...more
@BlogHer @blogherhealth Yes! Comfort food is the best in every way. In fact, I enjoyed some of ...more

4 year old Geek Girl Knows Her Dinos (video)

Did you happen to notice the article in The Ottawa Citizen earlier this week about Stella Hatton? She's an adorable little budding paleontologist who found flaws in a dino toy when she was out shopping with her parents. They taped her explaining the issues and posted the video on YouTube for family and friends....more
My daughter is five and she is already an expert in Dinosaurs. At least that is what I think. ...more