Fly to Saturn with this amazing video!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly into space?  I mean WAY into space?  Although humans aren’t ready to go back to the Moon or to Mars, we have sent out dozens of spacecraft to the planets and beyond.  Most of the instruments send back data that scientists analyze and tell us what it means.  But on almost every mission, there is also a camera — so that everyone can be part of the experience.  Check out this new video from NASA’s Cassini spac...more

Sneaking out to see the stars

“Mama, let’s go outside to see the stars!”  My hopeful four-year-old smiled eagerly at me as he padded over in his footie pajamas, hopeful for a last-minute reprieve from bedtime.  “Not tonight, sweetie,” I said, “we’ve already read your books and tucked you in.  I’ll be back to snuggle you in a moment.”  I smiled as I tucked in my six-year-old, tousled his blond hair, and gave him an extra hug.  I knew that they just wanted to stay up a little later, but with daylight savings time starting tonight, I had to be the parent and say no. ...more

Oh, that first visit to the planetarium -- so magical! I wonder what she'll think of IMAX when ...more

Girl Gamers: a new option for tweens

Girls and video games: in the predominantly male world of game developers, the combination is still somewhat of a mystery. Most games for girls are super pink and girly, like Barbie and anything on this site, and while that may not be terrible in itself it doesn't contribute to growth as many games aimed at boys do....more

Know Where You Came From - The Genographic Project

National Geographic and IBM joined forces in a global research project to chart the migratory history of us humans....more

Side A: Love Songs, Part 1

If music be the food of love, play on....more

Volcano Experiment (or what's in the bottle?)

Yes, another science experiment! Check out Mom is the Only Girl for other science experiments to do with your little ones....more

Mama's Week in Review - Letter K

Last week we concentrated on the letter K and the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den. I was feeling like I was fighting something all week and the boys both came down with colds at the end of the week, so our use of Kleenex for the letter K worked well!Language Arts - Cutie Pie had a hard time discerning the K and C sounds at beginnings of words, which is completely understandable, so we talked a lot about the sounds K and C make. ...more

Mama's Last Week in Review - Letter J

Last week seems like a blur to me, so I'm thankful I had the foresight to scribble notes about what we did! We concentrated on the letter J and David bringing the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. The boys learned a new song, "I've got the Joy down in my heart" and Sweet Pea took to it pretty quickly. We also visited a couple more preschools, one visit inspiring an experiment at home!...more

Mama's Last Week in Review - Letter I

Last week we concentrated on the letter I and the David and Goliath Bible story. This was a fun letter, because it is the first letter in our last name. However, with all the other things going on during the week we didn't do as much as I'd hoped. I do have my first giveaway going on with only 1 comment as of right now...please go to Mom is the Only Girl and check it out!...more

Science Experiment E-book Review and Giveaway

Touch of Home Learning has a new E-book out and I was able to review it! It's called 60 Quick and Easy Science Experiments Using Everyday Items. I was so excited to receive it and looked through it immediately!...more