Choosing what to forget

Up until this point, my husband and I have been the keeper of our son's memories. I've written letters to him since I learned I was pregnant, I'm one of those scrapbooking Moms who has shelves full of family albums documenting our family adventures, and my wonderful husband is the photographer of the family, capturing all the big (and little) moments of our lives....more

Mom's One Line A Day

Odette is getting closer to one year old every day! With that said, I wanted to share something that I’ve done every day since she was born. I write a sentence or two in this cute little book called, Mom’s One Line a Day. This book is perfect for even the busiest moms because you only have to write one sentence a day! The best part of this book is it's a five year memory book, so you don't need to buy one each year....more
Denise I know, I love it! You can pick them up online or at Barnes & Noble!more

April 30th 1993 – Common Cause & Purpose

I have so much on my mind! Ah! My largest problem is the fact that I think way too much and I’m in one of those deep thoughts, walk with your head tilted down, hair in the face, moods!!!! Oh well. These things come and go! But I am contented by the company I am in and my location! I’m at the Exchange Family Weekend. The usual lit hall late at night! Everyone doing their own thing. But first, last night. The local – Obo – Observer – as usual!...more

The Art Of Scrapbooking

 {From my personal blog, The Jack Chronicles}   ...more

Being Overly Sentimental About My Cooking

cibo e bello (food is beautiful)...more

Cut Stick Glue! My scrapbooking son

Thanks for your comments - I think he's a dude too, but I'm somewhat biased! Believe me, he ...more

Miss P'Tit Pot Scrapbook

Hello every one,I am glad to be back on to share my passion in scrapbooking...I have been discovering the art of digital scrapbooking and the art of photo editing for that purpose.  I am very happy to share my creation with you and you can view my design at am also in the process of building a website where people will be able to download these design and more to come if they are interested....more

Virginia Scrapbooking Retreats

I blog about Scrapbooking Retreats in Virginia. Scrap the weekend away at a event in Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Nags Head. Offering 3 days 2 night scrapbook events from Virginia and Nags Mary  ...more