DIY: Add Pockets to Your Journal

Journaling has always been a passion of mine, and I love to integrate it into a planner. That way I can see each day what I did throughout the year. One of the hardest part about that though is that Most journals and even planners simply don't have enough pockets! I like to be able to store all of my important information and business cards and the like. ...more
I like this idea! This would work really well in some of my smaller journals.more

2016 Scrapbooking with the Project Life App

It's almost 2016! When did that happen? While this year has flown by, I'm glad to get started on a new year! This is be my fourth year scrapbooking, four! That is crazy to me. I started Project Life in 2013, just a couple of months after Gunnar proposed to me. Project Life is a scrapbooking app that allows you to create printable collage pages.  ...more

Our Family Photo Album

I love our big 12 x 12 albums, but they are just that. Big. Huge. Hard to show off. So I wanted to make a smaller album that I could take around and share our family as we change over the years. I put together this smaller 6x8 album with just our professional pictures....more

7 Band & Music Digital Scrapbooking Kits

SCRAPBOOKING MARCHING BANDScrapbooking products for marching band photos are harder to find than you might think. ...more

You Can Find Time to Scrapbook

Time to scrapbook. That’s usually something we have to “find” and not something we already have.I have struggled with this since I made my first scrapbook 16 years ago. I have tried all kinds of suggestions for finding the time to make scrapbooks. The obstacles change daily, but the underlying reason is usually that something else seems more urgent or more important or both....more