Life Lessons: The Incredible Legacy of Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

Nora Ephron, prolific storyteller, passed away at 71 from complications with Leukemia, her publisher announced today. You knew Nora....more
How wonderful to have met her firsthand. I didn't, but she of course affected me anyway. I am ...more

Play It Again, Sam. Play It Again: The Hollywood Remake Machine

In the summer of 1996, I sat in an art house theater watching Emma, and about halfway through, some girl half-whispers to her friend, “They’re totally copying Clueless.” I was eighteen, heading off to college with dreams of being a screenwriter and I realized that this was going to be my audience. While it may be true that every story has already been told, this writer knows there are great scripts waiting for their chance to make best original screenplay history. Hilarious, tragic, beautiful, entirely made up stories just waiting for their day in the sun....more

You're right. I mean, who'd have thought in 2009, kids everywhere would be singing "Don't Stop ...more