The Best Souvenirs and DIY Postcard Inspiration

My favorite souvenirs aren't mass produced. They're things like a scarf from a street fair or wildflowers from the Rockies....more

Where to Find Seattle Sightseeing Ideas

With a trip to Seattle on the horizon, I've been reading up on what to see and do while I'm there. Here are a few sites/lists I wanted to share:...more

Field Trip! The Hi-Life in Seattle

Sometimes one just needs to step away from the computer and get out in the daylight (Oh my, it that the sun I see?!?). I am talking about myself, of course. Today, I did just that....more

My First BlogHer (Food) Conference Experience

For years I have read the recap posts, poured over the pictures and scanned all the tweets about BlogHer conferences.  I was envious of all the other bloggers who attended but I was too nervous? scared?...more

Hello, Tom. And Other Seattle Eats.

There is a trend happening in the food and restaurant world, and it goes hand in hand with doing things more sustainably, and using fresh, local ingredients. This trend is toward doing a few things – just a few things – very, very well....more

A Few BlogHer Food Speakers Dish On Their Favorite Seattle Food Spots

The countdown to BlogHer Food '12 continues and so does our series of interviews with our amazing speakers. This week I asked the question that I know is on everyone's mind: What's your favorite food spot in Seattle? We asked some speakers who live in and around the Seattle area, of course. I also phrased it as such -- food spot -- in case someone wanted to give some outside-the-box food places in their recommendations. I was right to do that and you'll have to read on to see why....more
I took my nephew and his family to Mashiko tonight based on this recommendation and it was ...more

BlogHer Food Goes to Pike Place Market

We are busy over in the BlogHer Conference Department scheduling away for BlogHer Food and have a great addition to our Saturday Lunch Excursion.Our Saturday Lunch Excursion is a trip to Pike Place Market. This is a mere couple of blocks from our hotel, Fairmont Olympic Hotel, which makes it a perfect location to visit. We have scheduled plenty of time during the lunch for you to casually walk to the Market, peruse the vendors, grab a delicious bite or two and spend time with your new and old friends....more
How do i sign up to go. I'm ready! more


My friend Sophia abruptly texted me the other day."hey wanna come see the Trans Siberian Orchestra with me this Saturday?"well alrightso we went last night AND IT WAS AWESOME.And that's what my video today is about:link:

Seattle Swan Song

For my third Seattle post, I saved some goodies for last! While I could have spent weeks dining in and around the Seattle area, I only had time enough for what I’ve covered but I know I’ll be back to uncover some more good eats! Let’s get rollin’ on the final five healthy, vegan and gluten free hot spots I found in this evergreen city!...more

Some More in Seattle

As promised, here are some more delicious Seattle secrets! Whether you are taking a leisurely city sightseeing tour or just passin’ through on a west coast tour, these tasty hot spots are a must visit, regardless of your time in town. Ok, at least make time for a few of these because you’ll be glad you did!...more