Why people are gradually leaving away from Facebook and Twitter

The superior things about twitter is that you could talk with your buddies, family and other relatives. Despite the fact that Twitter is among the simplest social networking websites on earth, a lot of people have a difficult time attempting to work out how it actually works. To put it differently you are not going to see me on Twitter or Facebook....more

Top 10 Ways to Secure Your Facebook

Facebook makes the most popular social media network right now. This popularity also attracts several people to hack your account. These people like to use your account for their own advantages which are mostly bad or illegal. Here are several best ways you can do to protect your account.Strong Password...more

Think Outside the CAPTCHA Box

Mobile devices make our lives easier. But they also open us up to increased potential for fraud and security issues.Verifying mobile device users is something all businesses should be thinking about, especially as more of our activities — both professional and personal — are conducted via apps.The App GenerationIt used to be that many of us would only feel safe conducting tasks like banking, viewing health records or accessing work email from a desktop browser, but not anymore....more

What Entertainment Brands Need To Know About Security

It’s terrifying, but there’s no way to guarantee the security of your data – total immunity is impossible. But protecting customer data is a huge responsibility, so you have to try – your users won’t forgive you if you don’t. ​...more

How to Stop Scrapers From Stealing Your Content

People will do anything these days to post free content. Instead of writing something fresh, they would rather copy posts from your site and post them on their own. Content scrapers think that by including a by-line at the top of the post and an attribution at the bottom – or not – that it's "curation." Guess what? It's still copyright infringement. ...more
Great article.  Im definitely pinning this to come back to.more

What to Do if Accosted on Street and Dragged by a Man

The video of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 22, being grabbed on a street corner and forced along a sidewalk to her assailant’s car gripped the nation, bringing more attention than ever to how easy it seems for an unarmed man to abduct a woman.There are things a woman can do to help prevent such a situation, as well as break free and bolt to safety before the assailant can get her into his car....more

 Self Defense Products

Security is one such aspect that cannot be ignored, in the world where the crime rate is increasing with each passing day. When we take a look around we notice that there are few only who take care of each and everything related to security while many just neglect it, thinking that they are safe all the time. But someone who has the intention to harm you will never give a notice beforehand....more

Wake Up People - Facebook Messenger Isn't Reinventing The Wheel!

It was a typical morning, I opened up Facebook and what do I see?  Well, a newly gone viral article talking about Facebook's Messenger App and how appalling the Terms of Service are for it.  So, since it was posted on Huntington Post, I decided it must be worth reading and gave it a shot.  I admit, as I read through it the first time I was a bit taken back....more