Do You Have the Bubble Bath Blues?

For years, I have preached self-care to my clients. And as they open their mouths in protest, I have stopped them to clarify that self-care doesn’t have to take a ton of time, nor does it have to cost a lot of money.Photo Images from

Self Care: You've Got to be Intentional!

"You've got to be intentional when it comes to self-care", says Dr. Hawkins. The centrality of my inside out self-care approach is intentionality and being in community, which improves one's well-being and has a residual affect on others. The key factors addressed are stress management, over-functioning, renewal techniques and support networks....more

Detox Your Life

Many of my clients come in with complaints about personal habits that feel toxic in their lives. Just as you can detox your body when you’re feeling sluggish, it’s also possible to detox your emotional life. Here are some of the most common ways your life can back up on you, and how to handle it. 1. Frequently lateThe cure to lateness is twofold: learn to estimate time better, and get more organized, so you are not delayed by looking for last minute items....more

Self Care Maven

 My to-do list fits on a post-it note. I wrote it this morning while sipping coffee and it reads as follows:  walk barefoot on the beach, attend restorative yoga workshop, get blog up. There’s a star next to the last item listed. And here we are. Check.Admittedly, this project has been a long time coming – like, really long – but after much support and encouragement from friends and colleagues (read: love and occasional prodding) … here we go. Self-Care Maven is up and running....more

Embrace: Responding

For a long time, my mom and I have had this joke about a website we want to create. It would be called Doctor Commonsense, and would consist of really straightforward "problems" that the good doctor would solve.An example:"Hungry? Try eating something! You'll be surprised at how well it works!"...more

scream and feel better

I was reading in Lesley Britton's Montessori Play and Learn...more