Positive Affirmations


The Good, the Bad, and the (possibly) Infertile

Women are here to procreate. This is my duty as a wife, a woman and a mother. My husband wants me to have a baby, my children want me to have a baby, I want me to have a baby... my body can't seem to get the memo.  I have an amazing son and daughter with my first husband (that's a story for another time) and the sweetest stepdaughter you could imagine. Part of me feels guilty for wanting more, for being depressed it's been so hard to conceive my fourth child when so many are unable to have just one....more

I Remind Myself Everyday That My Body Belongs to Me

I clearly remember the first time I realized that my body was being viewed sexually by my male peers. I was in middle school. I had hardly entered my teen years and I never walked out of my front door freely again....more
laurie Slowly, but surely I hope to see change. You have to be willing to deal with a lot of ...more

How to Be Okay with Yourself

We are all broken. But we are all beautiful. And no one in the world is better than you are. Who you are, right now, in this very moment, as you read this, is beautiful. You belong here. And you deserve things. Good things....more

Mirror, Mirror

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances? (WordPress prompt)...more

A Minnow in a Sea of Whales

I went into downtown Toronto yesterday to go bridesmaid and wedding dress shopping with my brother’s fiancee and the rest of the bridal party (I’m a bridesmaid).  I’m not a city girl, by ANY stretch of the means....more

The Zumba Diaries

The Zumba diariesby Deborah Brautman, LMFT...more

Study Claims Women Are Biologically Bitchy: Is There Any Hope For Us?

It's no wonder that many will do anything to defend that which they feel is vital to their sense of identity, purpose and worth in the world. Recently, The Atlantic featured a study focusing on how "bitchy" women are. They even gave the phenomenon a scientific name: 'indirect aggression' (just in case you were wondering). OMG, that girl is sooooo indirectly aggressive -- it drives me nuts....more
I have my days when I feel Bitchy, and I a hate it, but sometimes I like it  We are all human ...more

The "Thigh Gap" Effect on Body Image

Body image has been a point of contention for so many girls and women, and a new trend exacerbate this: thigh gap....more

Name Change

Name Change? For years I dreamed of being able to change my first name to something unusual. In my extended family there were, at one time, five Elizabeth’s to contend with. My grandmother still just yells Elizabeth first and then moves on to the rest of the names. There were not, and still aren’t, any Gwendolyns, Aprils (Big fan of TMNT!), or Briannas. As I grew, the ratio did not improve. There is almost always another Elizabeth in each class, at every job, and looking better than me at any party. So yes, I have thought long and hard about this over the years....more