Shedding The Good Girl Image

Miley Cyrus was one of many poster girls for the innocence of childhood. She spent her young life nurturing an image that was identifiable to little girls and parent approved. Then like many of her predecessors there came a time when she needed to transition from girl to woman. For any of the rest of us that are not in the public eye this could be done slowly, getting to know ourselves, adjusting to the changes in our body and dealing with our feelings over time....more

The Fall of Disney's Princesses and What We're Really Witnessing

Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus have all *enjoyed* early fame at the feet of the Disney machine (or in Bynes' case, Nickelodeon), and thanks to our greed for anything they once produced.  And then they’re not so cute anymore.    ...more
@epodonnell I think you're right about social media putting an end to our foolish youth being ...more

Validation and Your Self Esteem: Indicators to Think About

Heading Out …When I retired from the military I thought “YAY!  I am free to be whatever I want!”And then I went right back to the same old thing … but as a contractor.  Less respect, less appreciation, less pay, and a new found sense of discontent at work – something I’d never known before.So when the opportunity arrived to retire “for real,” I did it.And I was sure that I would be off and running to my new life of ONLY doing things that make me happy.In search of …I wrote a book last year – even while I was working full time....more

One Surprising Way Men Help Us While Hurting Us

It’s your fear of rejection that is getting you rejected. ~~ Bobbi PalmerI know…I write about rejection a lot: how to recognize when it is and isn't real; how there’s no such thing as rejection when you’re meeting guys using online dating; and how to learn from it, recover and move on to the next guy who will be better for you. (Yes! There WILL be a next guy!)When we say rejection hurts, it really does HURT....more

No Justice When It Comes to Tween Body Image

Like most 10-year-old girls, my daughter loves to shop at Justice. So I was flipping through the latest Justice catalog that came in the mail, and I noticed a disturbing trend....more
Hmmm, the models all look maybe 14-15 at the oldest.more

Don't Go Near Him. Something Is Wrong with Him

One day when I went to the pet supply store to get dog food, I took Rugby with me. It was a rainy day and there were very few people in the store. As always, Rugby was scoping out everything at his eye level. I was focused on my errand and we were walking in that direction when I heard people talking....more

“I’m a Loser, Baby …”

It’s just natural for people to wonder what other people think of them. Even all those people who say, “I don’t care what other people think.”Yes, yes you do.Even if you don’t realize it, subconsciously, you do. And, while I’ve gotten better about trying not to take what other people think of me to heart, I still always wonder.My view, when it comes to dating, is that people think I’m a workaholic, unattractive single girl who is married to her job and will never find a boyfriend. And, if I do, he will be hideous....more

I Think I'm Pretty

You know that Dove Campaign that everyone loved for a hot second before everyone hated it?This one, where the artist sketches a portrait of a woman based on her own description of herself, and then sketches another portrait based on how someone else describes her? And the self-portraits are inevitably harsher than the others? The point being that, hey! You're more beautiful than you think! ...more

I Dare You! Show Us Your Closet!

Monica: " Huah?!!!.....How did you get in there?!" Chandler: (intense giggles) "You're messy!"Monica: "No you weren't suppose to see this!"...more