And Then I Look in the Mirror

(originally posted at: My Really Real Reality) I keep saying I still feel 26 years old.  In fact, I often say I am now (and always will be) 26 years old....more

Write Your Own Bill of Rights

Before we can expect to GET WHAT WE WANT we first have to RECOGNIZE WHAT WE WANT. How about writing your own Bill of Rights?Women tend to be far more in tune with the needs of others than their own needs. They can identify what their friends and family value, help them to cultivate their interests and establish quite quickly how to get them what they want. But when it comes to recognizing and communicating their own wants and needs things can get a little muddled. ...more

Cracking the shell on 2013

I (gasp) made some resolutions this year. And you know, for the first year (ever) they’re not things like lose weight or write a novel.Nope. I’ve decided I’m ok with the extra girth I’ve apparently taken to raise. I’m not unhealthy. I’m cutting my losses.As for writing, I do want to do more. But I’m not creating it as a goal to guilt myself with. It happens when it happens.My resolutions are more…me. More in line with what will really make me happy and not with what I feel is expected of me....more

Self Esteem for Girls

I received an email from an organization I volunteer for that supports victims of trafficking and what I saw was not just words on a page but instead the greatest gift I could have received all year. The program coordinator shared with me a portion of a beautifully personal speech that had been made to students by a young woman in her twenties that I had been assisting. I will not reprint the email but this brave woman talked about what she had learned and how she could finally see her skills....more

Girls Can't Be What They Can't See (Will you help?)

Girls can't be what they can't see...Will you help?...more

My Best Advice: Go Ask Your Mother! Yalanda Lattimore, DryerBuzz

Clipped from Hair She Goes! Women Spend Millions To Learn Who They Woulda Coulda Shoulda Been — Go Ask Your Mother!...more

Your Self-Esteem is Tearing You Down

Turns out, self-esteem isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I recently read about a very interesting study, which compared self-esteem to self-compassion. Now, before you roll your eyes and call me a hippie, read the findings:...more

Cookies and Communication

This morning, my girls were discussing the cookie-making we're going to do this afternoon. Dulce wants to make chocolate chip cookies. Natalina wants to make sprinkled cookies. We're making peanut butter cookies...because I'm the mom and I don't care what you want, particularly when you want different things, and you are looking forward to yelling about that. During the course of their lengthy discussion on the merits and faults of all kinds of cookies that we are not making, Dulce had a wonderful idea. ...more

Just Keep Swimming

I passed the GRE yesterday. I studied for two days over the weekend. I can't believe I passed.But I did.So now I get to go to grad school.Wait, wait. There's a moral to this story.So many times, as parents, we feel our entire selves being sucked away by life, adulthood, our responsibilities, the cleaning...dare I say it, the children.Who are we? What do we stand for? Where do we want to be? We only have so much time on this planet. What are we going to do with it?...more