The Mirror. What do you see?

What do you see, when you reflect on the Word of God?The Dead Church A new Pastor in a small Oklahoma town spent the first four days making personal visits to each of the  members, inviting them to come to his first services....more
What do you see when you look in the mirror?more

The Greatest Love of All

Do we get it NOW????!!! Drugs KILL, they KILL, that's what they do, they don't make us happy they are NO fun, they just fucking KILL, even the people who struggle to break their influence. THEY KILL. And this amazing human being is done. Thank God she shared her voice with us for enough years that we will never be able to forget her. In my opinion her voice will NEVER be topped. It was the epitome of God given genius and in her prime there was no match for her....more
@nazatraz I know... this probably sounds crazy but today I was watching all her old performances ...more

You’re Kind of Not Beautiful!

 "You're beautiful." That's what they say.In a valiant effort to counteract the negative effects of today's beauty standards, feminists, self-esteem gurus, and countless women's blogs tell us how beautiful we are, no matter what.Um - don't take this the wrong way - but - I disagree....more

Guest Post - On Stoking Passion

First tip for following your passions and making them happen: Never get bored. There is always something to do. I never let myself get in that mind-dumbing state....more

Six things to think about when socializing...

Social Media had made it more easy to create a network of people around you. However, I guess everyone agrees on that, the quality of the network is an important factor as well. Especially when you want to utilize the people in the network. There is a lot of sorting and filtering to do.What if you could qualify people before they become part of your network? How can you make people like you as a human being?...more

Sunday Weight Loss Update... and some thoughts about being loveable.

How did I do with week one of my 59 pound goal?  Well...  the answer is, I did KIND OF AWESOME.I lost <b>4 pounds</b> this week.Which means that I now want to lose 55 pounds in the next 37 weeks.I'm really interested in the topic of health.  I used to be a junky.  I used to be black rimmed eyes and torn hems.  It used to not matter when I died. ...more

Beauty is in the Eye of the Self

Two years ago, I had a slight moment of fame. I was driving to work (yeah, I used to work!) and on my 45-minute commute, I heard the morning DJ ask a question. "If you could either be America's Next Top Model or a Nobel Prize winner, which would you pick?" I was astounded at how many women called to say they'd rather be a model.  Really? Then I turned it in on myself, musing as I waited at one of the many red lights, listening to a bad local commercial since the station had gone to break. ...more

I'm Fat and Beautiful!

I’m fat and ugly.  How many times have you heard a beautiful woman say that this week?  How many times have you said it this week?  How many of the women who said it really are fat?  And why does everyone seem to think that fat and ugly are mutually exclusive?...more
Thanks to your post I spent some time today on the NOH8 website. I knew some about it, but ...more

Everyday Love

By Jennifer Urezzio, Contributor – Spiritual Affairs“You must love yourself before anyone else can…”...more


Feelings of belittlementin an over sizedoverstockedoutletshopping centerin the middle ofall things that cost too much money. It is no wonder I haveproblemswith myself esteem. No confidence. Especially when it comes to people whohave perfected the lookof degradationandpain projectedthrough a furrowed brow. I stood in linethinking of reasonswhy I should put downthe item I was about to purchase....more