Evolution of a Portrait -- and My Self-Worth

Remember when I posted about a new identity portrait project I was undertaking? I offered to sell modestly priced commissioned portraits that celebrate what truly makes us who were are, not what society tells us should. ...more

You complete me...right?

Wrong. If there is one thing I have learned in this life of mine, in my 46 years of always trying to make everyone around me love me, accept me and approve of me...it is that no one else can make you whole. You are whole all on your own, whether you realize it or not. I, most of my life have not realized this. ...more

Get Plastic Surgery…Because You’ve ‘Earned’ It. Say What?

I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I read the fashion blog penned by the infamous, unbelievably popular, Singaporean ingenue, XiaXue.  Reading her blog was hard at first, but, with enough concentration, I could ignore the author’s bleached blonde hair, baby blue contacts and unnaturally pale skin (all visible thanks to the huge self-portrait that adorns her site’s banner) and pay attention to its content.&nb...more

Am I pretty? - A mother's self esteem

  Most All of us as little girls have grown up with the big question mark above our heads in big neon lights that reads "am I pretty and am I loved?If we were raised by perfect parents in a perfect world we would have that q...more

Take a Compliment Like a Man

By Marjie Killeen, Contributor- Midlife Wisdom As part of my midlife crisis, I’ve been considering the theme of empowerment. Because even though I’m on fire in many areas of my life, I sometimes feel insecure about my choices, or worry what other people think, or downplay my accomplishments.  You know who doesn’t waste time undermining themselves this way? Men!...more

I looked in the mirror and said, "One of us is lying to the other"

Today, I looked in the mirror and thought; "One of us is lying to the other". This girl in the mirror and I do not always get along. What I call laugh lines, she calls wrinkles. What I call curves, she calls fat....more

From The Pages Of My Writing Journal

This is basically a post on personal reflections. As I wind down from a hellish week of work to sort of relax my mind and reconnect with my first love...Writing....more

Spanx? No thanks.

So this week I'm making my Hoopnotica Instructer training video, and after seeing myself in a test of said video, I nearly cried. I'm not thrilled with my body, but on most days I take it in stride. I work out and eat better and have lost some pounds since beginning hooping. Still, nothing could have prepared me for that video. It was at the point where I honestly felt like my respect for Husband had decreased, because he married me (and I was like 15 pounds heavier then!). But I got over it and headed out to buy some Spanx. Yes, that dreaded undergarment....more

How Do I Love Me Let Me Count The Ways.

I am Chasing Joy, looking for a rainbow, focusing on the bright side of life, seeking happiness. Part of all this is truly loving one’s self. So the challenge is to list as many things as you can that you love about yourself....more