Animal Shelters Match Senior Pets to Seniors = Win - Win!

Being involved with Comfort for Critters necessarily exposes me to a vast network of other non-profits, working to improve the lives of companion animals. I’m often impressed and humbled by their work, and I try to shine a light in their direction, just as often as possible. One such group is PAWS, located in Lynnwood Washington, just north of Seattle. Their program, “Seniors for Seniors” is a great solution to a problem which many shelters face. The kittens and puppies steal hearts at shelters…older pets are often either less interesting or worse, suspect. ...more

Over 60 and losing your teeth? It could indicate physical and mental decline

If you're over 60 and starting to lose teeth, you should take note of this research.A team from University College London analyzed data from more than 3,100 adults 60 and older (in England) and found a link between tooth loss and physical and mental decline.After ruling out thinks like age, gender, smoking, drinking, depression, physical health and socioeconomic status, the resarchers found that seniors who had lost all their natural teeth performed about 10% worse on memory and walking tests.Here's the article I read if you'd like more info:...more

#Destination- A Celebration of 30 Years

Broward Meals on Wheels Hosts 30th Anniversary Cocktail Reception, #Destination Plantation, Fla. – In 2014, Broward Meals on Wheels is celebrating 30 years of providing more than a meal to seniors who are hungry and at-risk of hunger in the community. With the support of the community they are able to provide essential services that improve health, reduce  isolation, and promote independent living for seniors in the community....more

3 Common Online Dating Mistakes For Men Over 50

Curious about the 3 common online dating mistakes for men over 50?  1. Trolling for women in their 20’s and 30’s2. Assuming a 28 yr. old woman would prefer themover a 20, 30, or  even 40-something3. Refusing to consider dating women their own age or older     Well the 1st one SHOULD be they need a big CLUE.  Possibly a bit harsh, it's not on the list.  ...more

Brain training has long-lasting benefits for seniors' cognition and everyday function

If you or someone you love is a senior, take note: A new study found that brain training can create lasting improvements to things like processing speed and reasoning, which also helps the quality of daily living.The new study out of Johns Hopkins University did a 10-year follow-up on 2,832 people who had an average age of 73.6 at the start of the study. The participants had been split into 4 groups at the start of the 10-year study.Group 1 was a memory training group. They were taught strategies for remembering word lists, text, sequences and story ideas and details....more

"Seniorizing" Your Home: How to Make Your Home Safe and Comfortable for Your Elderly Parents

Decisions about the best care for an aging parent are never easy to make, and they can be costly in terms of money and time. Whether your elderly parents are moving into your own house or staying in theirs, it is a fact that aging calls for a number of changes and adjustments that can add quality to their life. While your parents are still in good health, it will be best to talk with them about the different options, and set a good plan in view of the future. Below are some tips to consider if you want to make your home very comfortable and safe for your elderly parents....more

Senior's Day

I'm a lover of the elderly. I really am. I respect them. I revere them. I look at them and picture my own sweet grandparents. I really love old people . Just yesterday I helped an octogenarian pop her Buick's trunk in the dollar store parking lot. She tried to repay me with a quarter and a Tic Tac. I refused both because I was glad to do it for free.But there's nothing more torturous than going to the grocery store on Senior's Day. It ranks right up there with a root canal or watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo....more

Seniors and Social Media

Last night, my brother sent me a message on Facebook saying he had no phone service, no way to get out an email, he's in the Dominican Republic, and our dad's factory's roof was on fire.  Call Mom now, call his wife now! How did he know? The daughter of one of my dad's retired employees posted on Facebook "Someone update me on the fire on Maple Avenue". So then ensued a fruitless and frantic hour of phone dialing, unanswered calls and fear.How do you assure your senior parents that social media is not a big hairy monster? ...more
No answers for you here.  I, though not a senior, have struggles with social media.  I don't ...more

What to Do If You Just Can’t Take Away Mom's Keys Yet

Driving is a rite of passage for many of us.  Unfortunately, not being able to drive any more due to age is also a rite of passage, but not a positive one.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average of 500 older adults are injured EVERY DAY and 15 are killed EVERY DAY due to driving accidents.   But, no matter who we have talked to, taking away the keys is one of the hardest transitions caregivers note having to make and most try to avoid it....more