Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign: Interview Gram

Yesterday, I came across Britt Bravo's terrific post, Celebrating Grandmother Power: Interview with my Gram, her offering for the The Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign, a collaborative blogging effort (May 7-14) about how grandmothers are changing the world....more

You are not alone

As a caregiver, do you ever sit and wonder if you are the only person going through a family who all may want to help, or maybe not to help too?...more

Turning 65

The saltwater was the perfect treatment for the blisters I got from wearing the wrong shoes for a walk on the Old Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys that I had been planning for weeks to mark my 65th birthday....more

Writers Eating Blueberry Pancakes

My friend Tom and I go out to breakfast a few times a week. We discuss what we are writing and working on and share ideas. There are several local spots we frequent but my favorite is Coll's Farm in Jaffrey, NH. Today I chose Coll's because I needed some local honey and theirs is self-serve and the the best price. As we walked into the warm little cafe-area of store, I was disappointed to note a couple sitting up on the tall stools that face an expansive window. ...more

Holiday, Blood Clots, and no Pulse in my Mother's Wrist

Life can be too damn interesting for the sake of my own fragile sanity. You know, the kind of fragile sanity that winds up dangling by a thread. A fragile thread, one easily shed from some gossamer heirloom dress in your great-great grandmother's attic.... Ok, so I can carry a metaphor far past its limits. Limits that can be well tested, by the way, by the new pup who got his new teeth into my brand new Paperwhite KINDLE… limits are for another post. ...more

Holidays with Granny - An Update

Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas Part 1 (of 4) is behind us.  Our family rarely has a chance to gather everyone together and this year's festivities will long be remembered as the Thanksgiving of 12 people, six dogs, the first grandchild and Granny. ...more

Home For The Holidays: What It Means For Seniors In Nursing Homes reported in 2009 that well over 1.8 million people were living in nursing homes.  Residents enjoy dressing up to go out on pass to spend the day at home with family and loved ones....more

New study shows even simple activities delay or fend off age-related cognitive diseases in seniors

You don't need to play chess every day to fend off dementia - though it helps.A new study from Rush University Medical Center found that seniors (mean age of 81 in this study) who engage in mentally stimulating activities had a higher "structural integrity" in their brains. These activities including things as simple as attending a play, reading a newspaper, writing letters or visiting a library.  ...more

A Long/Short Journey

Genesis 2:24 That’s why a man will leave his own father and mother. He marries a woman, and the two of them become like one person.* ...more

What's In a Name?

                                                                                                   &nb ...more