Whirlwind Romance..........ended in divorce?????

We sat in TGIFridays, my best friend and I, as well as our children.  She is happily married and me, not so much.  I was speaking about my latest dating venture and she was convincing me to finally call the "man" she wanted to set me up with.  So I did, that night on the way home.  I called him and I definitely woke him up, but we spoke for the next three hours and made plans to see each other the very next night.  It was the beginning to what was going to be the greatest love of my life!!!  Or so I thought....more

Getting Hit by a Drunk Driver is Not Fun

This is what happened when a drunk 20-something-year-old female slammed into the back of my rental car while I sat at a red light Saturday night. Because of a young woman's irresponsible behavior and reckless choices, I spent the early morning hours today strapped in an uncomfortable neck brace in the emergency room as my back and shoulders were poked and prodded for broken bones.I had to stand uncomfortably in an x-ray booth wearing a lead apron over my 23-week pregnant belly, trusting that the exposure wouldn't be too much for Bug....more

My uncle was killed by a drunk driver when he was 20 years old, so I never met him. To this day, ...more

Why Can't I Be A Philosopher?

This is my first blog, I have came to realize most people do not like to talk about the things I like to talk about, so hopefully now I have an invisible audience who will care about what I have to say. Most people spend the day complaining about work, kids, significant others, and sometimes touch on the current news topics for the day. Then there is me, a person lost in this world trying to figure out the meanings and purposes behind life....more

“To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so ...more