Reduction Methods for Yeast-Prone People

Guys, fungus just ain’t any fun for anyone. And yes, yeast is highly contagious (even if you have a penis)....more

A Beginner's Guide to Ropes and Restraints

I remember the first time my partner and I went shopping for rope at our local adult store. A kindly-looking woman my mother’s age showed us a fine selection of ropes, leathers, and tape and then, laughing, said, “That’ll make sure her cute ass can’t escape!”I could tell it was gonna be awesome....more

A moment of weakness

Sorry!!! Sorry!!!Without missing a push, he took hold of my breast.  The grin of agreement came to his face as he did as he was told with an added flick of his tongue.  It worked better on my nibbles than it did in my mouth. I felt it dance around, leaving a trail of saliva that slide down the side boob.“Don’t stop!” I said....more

How To: Hands-Free Masturbation

Here’s a little known fact: when people say they’re living the dream, the dream is, of course, hands-free masturbation....more

Buying Your First Vibrator: A Beginner's Guide

From Hitachi Wands to Jack Rabbits, the world has provided us with a wide array of toys to choose from. But where does one start? This is a beginner's guide to vibrators covering the different types, speeds, sizes, and price ranges among them. ...more
Hi tisdale, I'm going to assume we're talking male to female intercourse here, but please do ...more

Is It Safe To Share Your Toy?

Forget all those rules you learned in kindergarten. Sometimes, sharing isn’t the best option.Toys are awesome, and often, we want to share that awesomeness with our partners (check out our Spiciest Toys For Couples!) But there’s potentially some danger in sharing toys. A basic rule of thumb is this:...more

dilDON'T Forget to Recycle Those Adult Toys!

So, you have a compost pile. You use rechargeable batteries in your Spicy Rabbit. Your lube is all organic. And you’d die before letting nylon and polyester into your lingerie drawer. You believe that we can make a better world by recycling and being responsible for our carbon footprints. But did you know that your adult toy is also recyclable?...more

Sex Toys for the Faithful

Lent, the solemn period of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus that is celebrated by many Christian denominations, kicked off yesterday. This six-week period invariably puts faith questions center-stage, and yet it always surprises me the number of people of faith who come to me for advice about their relationships. Despite the vaguest allusions to having been brought up Catholic, I also receive questions from Protestants, Jews, and Muslims on a regular basis....more
This is a TOTALLY FASCINATING ARTICLE!!!! Thank you for being so awesome and so connected and so ...more

50 Shades of BDSM For Beginners

When the 50 Shades of Grey novels first started becoming popular, some of my friends who are in theBDSM scene (and have been for years) were excited that their particular brand of play was getting some national attention. But that joy quickly faded when they realized something– while housewives all over the country were getting their jollies off on these books, they weren’t portraying realistic, and, more importantly, healthy BDSM relationships....more
I find that I am increasingly irritated that BDSM/fetishists are being lumped into this general ...more

Sex Toy Review – Revive Rabbit Vibrator

 Sometimes, I like to 'window shop' for sex toys. Casually scrolling up and down the websites just kind of looking at toys, thinking about what might be fun to play with....more
mama2three Thanks for stopping by and reading our review mama2three! The USB charger works by ...more