Why every home needs bookshelves

We've been visiting a lot of model homes lately. And like most show homes, they are immaculately decorated. As we wander through the rooms, I am usually distracted by two thoughts:...more

How to Guarantee Your Posts are Shared on Social Media

I have been implementing a new social media strategy which focuses on sharing the work of others, especially on Twitter. I love reading your posts, articles and stories, but sometimes I am unable to share them. If you want your work to be given its best chance to be seen by a wide audience you might want to pay attention to the following areas. ...more
Hi Katie, Just read this post and thanks for the great advice! Have not checked in for some ...more

The Toddler Is in Residence: The Playhouse Is Closed to the Public

We are in a cafe with a children's play area, which contains a little playhouse. The playhouse is empty. The Toddler marches over and commandeers it. For the war effort, you understand. Not that The Toddler is at war. But she will be if anyone tries to get in that playhouse. She is thinking ahead. A rather brave/optimistic/clueless little boy approaches the house and attempts to enter. The Toddler pushes the door shut. This is her house now. She has a watering can and she is ready to defend her property. ...more

No, You Don't Have to Share Your Toys!

I once worked in an establishment in which one of my fellow managers would sign off nearly every email with the cloying “Sharing is Caring!”  Right after I vomited all over my keyboard, I was always tempted to hit Reply to All and type “I’m diabetic and you’re making me ill!”...more

"That's MINE!": 3 Tips for Surviving Sharing Squabbles this Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching, I've had presents on the brain.  Making lists and thinking of things my kids would like to see under the tree.The other not-so-nice thing I've been thinking about?Sharing.Ugh.Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a smack down over a toy garbage truck.But there is hope!  Your Boxing Day brunch doesn't have to be ruined by a bunch of kids screaming "Mine!  MINE!  MIIIIINNNNNEE!!!!!!!"...more

Why we don't eat cupcakes

We eat dinner as a family whenever possible. And although I have been a little slack about it lately, we try to eat our meals family style because they teach children about portion control. What I didn't consider is that serving meals family style also teaches children about sharing. ...more

About Time

From my blog, Take It EasyThe announcer at Leyton Orient tells us how many additional minutes are to be played at the end of each half of a match, and he also tells us that they are sponsored by the local newspaper. I've always found this slightly strange. Can you see time? Or feel, smell or hear it? Where is the sponsor's logo displayed? Do they pay more for the sponsorship if there is more stoppage time? Do they get their money back if there is none?...more

My Take on Toddler Sharing

I try not to take sides on parenting styles. I strongly feel that what is best for your family is your business. Just like I know that I try to make the best decisions for my family as well. However, I find it very hard to withhold my opinion on being OK with not teaching children to share.There are some core principals of the “no sharing” concept that seem logical to me....more

Looking for room(s) to spare

Sometimes I ask my son about the house he would like to live in one day. He tells me that he wants a big backyard with a fence to keep him safe (that's my guy!), lots of good sidewalks for riding bikes, a slide instead of a stairway (don't ask) and three rooms just for him....more