The Science of Heartbreak and How Music Heals

Even understanding the chemical changes the body experiences when gripped by heartbreak doesn't make it any easier to work through the hurt. But knowing the science of the mind can give you a leg up when it comes to healing. In this post, Christie Wilcox backs up what we all seemed to instinctively know as teens: listening to music and writing it out (no matter how bad the poetry) diffuses the pain of loss and time heals all wounds of the heart. ...more
I was expecting to find this at the end of your link about memory. It fits with your point and ...more

My, My Whoopee Pie

A three-year-old shares his beloved Whoopee Pie with his mom, who in that moment is reminded why she loves being a mother....more

Take Your Bookmarks With You Using Firefox Sync

Searching for a smooth transition through your digital life? With much of our time now spent in destination to somewhere: vacation, school, the morning commute - it's not surprising that more and more people are investing in some type of mobile device. So, what kind do you get? Laptop, eReader, tablet...upgrade to a smartphone? Answering that question usually involves a bit of research and energy. ...more

The Baby Doll Dilemma: Is It About the Doll or About Annoying His Sister?

we all cooed over kiddette and her purple goo-gooing doll, and how funny it was that she knew just what to do with the doll, and isn't it strange how she took right to dolls and stuffed animals while her big brother went right for trucks and cars and airplanes and Legos. And then kiddo noticed the doll. Promptly he became obsessed with it....more
That's awesome, Lucinda -- how did the nurturing differ?more

Chicken Lasagna


BlogHerMoms: Do You Know Where Your YOU Is?

I think it’s also true that being a mother really doesn’t change you all that much. Somewhere underneath all that meal-making and scraped-knee kissing we do, we are still the same 14-, 23- or 37-year-old we’ve always been, trying to find our way and our place in life, to become who we really are, the concentrated orange-juice version of ourselves: rich, potent, bright, and more satisfying....more
I understand how it feels to lose yourself when you become consumed with motherhood and life in ...more

What I Learned About Parenting at BlogHer '11

I have a Case of the Mondays combined with a Case of the Post-BlogHer Blues combined with a wicked case of jetlag. I'm behind on work, my inbox seems to have imploded and the laundry pile is mocking me. Despite all of the stuff I can or should be doing, I have purposefully been taking time all day to play games with my sons, read some books and generally soak them up. I missed them a lot while I was away like many other moms (and dads!) at the conference did. In fact, while I was away from them and experiencing all of those things that come with conference life and interactions with new people, I thought about how some of the things I was learning could enhance my parenting. ...more
i appreciate your post so much. It's difficult to live in a world that no longer puts a premium ...more

Online Inspiration...and Envy

Seven years ago someone mentioned 'weblogs' and I winced. Why would someone want to go and put their journaling thoughts online for all to see? Good god, what madness is taking over society? We left for Peace Corps in 2000 and returned to the rubbed-and-well-worn jeans look. Cell phones for everyone...and everywhere. And now, diluting of the web with weblogs?! ...more

I think at one point or another I've felt that way. But I've learned that my own blogs are my ...more

Contest Giveaway - Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid - Albert Schweitzer

Yesterday, I heard a sermon that was both a challenge and yet naive.  The theme was simple.  Real power is getting behind.  Getting behind another to help them take a step ahead. Numerous examples were given from Mother Teresa to Father Damien. In closing, the preacher uttered an Albert Schweitzer quote…Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid.   ...more

whining bit*hing and Moaning

I’ve noticed that my brain is acting differently than it used to.  ...more