Shopping for the perfect shoe: A soleful experience

Just as with everything in life, I didn't appreciate having pain-free feet until the situation changed. I had gone for a long walk one day wearing sandals (yes, color me stupid). The next morning I woke up, hopped out of bed, and winced. My feet were swollen and painful. After a week went by, I visited the doctor and was told (a) to invest in good quality walking shoes (and to use them!), and (b) to use ice and rest. As the pain gradually ebbed away, my determination to find the perfect shoe increased. But it wasn't exactly a shoe-in. ...more

5 Winter Staples that will Keep you Warm and Up-to-the-Minute

Since the fall season started, most of the ladies got excited as the truth to winter is that everyone gets tons of options to dress and style with the beautiful art of layering. Whether we think of winter accessories, dress or footwear--Options to make our winter closet glamorous are endless. Let's assume that you need just 5 specific numbers of items in your wardrobe to stay fashionista this winter. Wait, don't get stressed as we don't mean that you can or should only go for these 5 items and nothing else (we aren't cruel!!)....more

Sam Edelman: Shoe Review

Love. Love. Love! Did I mention how much I love these Sam Edelman: Emmie $150.00 shoes? I mean it. These shoes make me feel CrazySexyCool. (Oh hey TLC hashtag oneofthebestalbumsever). Like a real sex kitten. These are a size 7 1/2 and fit perfectly so I recommend ordering true to your size....more

20 Velvet Shoes to Wear Now

Velvet is a hot fall and winter trend; here are shoes, sneakers and more for every budget. -PJ Gach...more



Basket Case

That’s what I’m dealing with right now. A basket case.                The one man that looked fabulous in heels passed away on Thursday.  At first sight of this wonderful man, I fell in love and listening to his music made my heart jump, leap, twirl, and break....more

6 of the Hottest Boot Styles for Fall 2015

Now that the temperatures are dropping, many of us are starting to pack away our open-toed sandals and start reaching for our boots. To be honest, as much as I love the summer, by the time October rolls around I’m ready to switch up my wardrobe....more

Get Out of a Style Rut With These Four Pairs of Printed Shoes

As easy as it is to throw on a black or brown pair of shoes in the morning, it adds a little extra kick when you mix in a fun printed version instead. Check out a few of my favorite printed shoes for you to try out this fall!#1: Polka Dotted Slip-Ons ...more
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Putting Your Best Foot Forward #BlogHer15 (The 2nd Annual BlogHer Shoe Post)

Note #1: This post was originally posted on Tales From the Motherland. If you see your shoes in this piece, please pop over there and leave a link to your blog, in my comments' section!

The Super-Cute Shoe You Need This Summer

Have you picked out a pair of espadrilles to add some summery kick to your warm-weather wardrobe? If you haven't, you might need to add a pair to your summer shoe rotation. These shoes with woven jute or hemp heels add an instant summer style upgrade to any outfit. ...more
Right? Totally cute. - Karenmore