My BFF is a Pair of Birkenstocks

Post contains Amazon affiliate links so you too can were Birks and be just like me!...more

Aerosoles Spring Fashion Preview

 A sexy heel is comfortable too? Yup, Aerosoles makes them! -PJ Gach ...more

Hush Puppies Spring 2015 Bags & Shoes Preview

Kick up your heels with Hush Puppies and Liberty of London and more! -PJ Gach...more

Shoes, Scarves And Spice

 Fall and winter are by far my favorite time of year. I love the flavors and scents of fall like apple cider, cinnamon and nutmeg, and peppermint. I do peppermint all year round but I love it a little bit more in the cold. I love cold weather. My city has what I consider to be best smell in the fall and winter. It’s a cross between roasting green chile, wood burning stoves, and that quintessential crisp fall air smell. I just love it!  Of course though my favorite parts of the season are fashion followed closely by food and drink....more
I'm right there with you. I love this time of year.more

When in doubt, walk it out...

I walked 4713 steps at work today. That's 2.2 miles. Not bad considering I have a desk job. But not quite "good" either. Ten thousand steps is the recommended daily dosage, and I'm slowly working my way up to that goal....more

Two Women Made the MasterChef Finale, So Why Were Their Shoes The Focus?

This week, the two finalists from Season 5 of MasterChef competed for the title of America’s Best Home Chef. After first being chosen from a pool of thousands, these extremely talented, self-taught women withstood three months of grueling challenges to become the last ones standing. And, incidentally, they joined other women from the international MasterChef shows when they became part of the first women’s-only finale on MasterChef U.S. ...more
Here is my issue. Courtney shoes each cost around $1,200. They are leboutine shoes. She claimed ...more

3 DIY Shoe Makeovers

One shoe...three different ways of making it yours, and truly unique. All you need to start is a white canvas shoe. This one I found at Kmart, but there are many other places you can find a perfect shoe for this project. Have fun! ...more
Oh I have some white Coach shoes I could do this with. the tip of one has gotten dirty (couldn't ...more

Packing shoes: What works for you?

When I was repacking my suitcase to return home from my BlogHer trip, I remembered seeing this trick of putting your shoes in a shower cap to keep the dirty soles off your clothes. I've never used a shower cap for my hair, so there was still one boxed up on the hotel bathroom counter that I could try out....more