35 Years Old With Foot Pain

 I'm a working mom which we all or these days but the job that I have now has really made be consider my age. This job is 12 hours long @ a three day work week which isn't bad for my family sake. Having to work the hours is not a issue plus I get to spend more time with my kids and go to school online. ...more

The Pick up

Spring Shoe Cravings

Find out why these are the styles I'm craving for Spring on shelbiemuse.blogspot.com...more

Gwen Stefani ShoeDazzle Collection Offers Affordable Shoes and Bags

Rock star turned fashion designer, Gwen Stefani, collaborated with retailer ShoeDazzle.com (which was started by reality star, Kim Kardashian, and creatively led by celebrity stylist and womenswe...more

SJP Shoe Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker

When actress Sarah Jessica Parker took on the starring role of Carrie Bradshaw in the hit HBO television series Sex & The City, she never could have dreamed that this pivotal role would launch her to superstardom. Best known for a seemingly never-ending wardrobe of flamboyant designer apparel and an awe-inspiring collection of fabulous shoes, SJP's stylish and quirky character quickly became one of the biggest fashion icons for women around the world. From sophisticated Manolo Blahniks to sky-high Jimmy Choos, Carrie Bradshaw's closet was overflowing with head-turning, jaw-dropping shoes. And if life imitates art, then it makes sense that Sarah Jessica Parker's personal taste in clothing and shoes would closely reflect the looks that Carrie Bradshaw became known for. ...more

Floggs On The Blog For Friday Favorites...

Floggs On my Blog For Friday Favorites... ...more

I'm here?

What Does A Grown Up Indie Kid Wear for Work?

Structure has returned to my life, in the form of my black work trousers. (I hold my breath; they still fasten, despite the litre of Baileys Irish Cream I imbibed over Christmas). I belong firmly in the black-trousers-and-floaty-top, long-black-cardigan school of office dressing. It's like uniform for a sartorially challenged woman such as me, who has never been able to dress smartly with any conviction....more

Holiday Craziness--and How to Stay Calm

I think I could be a poster girl for overuse injuries.  As one of my friends points out, I exercise like I'm 18 (and, trust me, I'm no where near it)So my knees often hurt--as well as my lower back.  Oh--and did I mention my talus bone?  That's the bone that runs across the instep of your foot; mine often gets dislocated, so my chiropractor shakes and manipulates my foot to get it back in...more

Momma Needs A New Pair of Shoes

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