TJMaxx And Then Some

This is what I know, TJMaxx is the mother lode of all things discounted.  The things you can find are almost unlimited.  I have shopped for a few years at this emporium of delights.  Purses, tights, undies, linens, toys, food, all at prices below nearly any place in any mall, and with greater variety, not to mention unusual items — like  a lipstick that starts out blue and turns pink once applied.  This is where I shop for bagged snack items — cashews, banana chips, diced mango — the kind of sustenance one needs when one drives a long commute....more

Seeing Red...

Remember that movie where the little boy looked fearfully at Bruce Willis and said "I see dead people" (The 6th Sense)?  Well, everywhere I look -  I see red. Maybe it's because the color is trending for spring. Or maybe it's because we're approaching Valentines day. Either way, the color is out there - in force. And let's face it. If, like me, you're a bit of a traditionalist then it's kind of fun to be prepared for Valentines day by dressing the part. So go ahead. Look around (not fearfully) and see red. Then wear it......more

THrifty Thursday No. 1 / Come on a virtual thrifting spree with me!

I love thrift shopping so so SO much. Browsing the rows and racks of unique items and coming across beautiful, vintage, and straight up weird finds makes me euphoric. It's like a thrifting high. Today I went on a pretty fantastic thrift shopping excursion and have plenty of pictures to prove it. Are you ready to follow me on my super exciting, retro-tastic thrifting adventure? Yes?...more

Sweater dress-ing - for work...

Lately I've gotten several questions about dresses for work attire, so I thought I'd deviate from my casual vibe - just for a bit. I think one of the most practical ways to wear a dress for work in the winter is by making it a sweater dress. Not only are they warm - but almost all of these would look terrific with boots - also practical for winter (the 4th & 9th dresses below are best worn with pumps). The only drawback - these are not for the faint of heart in that they tend to be extremely form fitting....more

When the going gets cold, the cold get dressed...

It's finally happened. Here in New York winter weather has found us. It's cold. Temperature in the 20's cold. So how does one stay warm - even when it feels cold inside the house? Layer. Layers have suddenly become terribly important to my life. I wear tee shirts under warm sweaters, tights under pants, and socks under boots. Oh - and the boots are key to that ever elusive warm factor. Furry boots are amazing when it comes to staying warm. They even work when one is standing in the snow for hours trying desperately to fix the broken fence that allowed the dog to escape....more

The Art of Healing: J. Crew’s Designer Band-Aids

J. Crew and Johnson & Johnson have teamed up to create stylish, playful Band-Aids that make covering up your boo-boos fun at any age. I got my annual flu shot this week and chose the light pink and green Band-Aid from the new collection.It illustrates “Je t’aime” in cursive with a small star. The script Romance language makes a subtly sweet expression, and the apostrophe is even drawn as a heart....more

Saks Steps It Up for Cinderella Fans

There is no fairytale more classic than “Cinderella,” the story of a plucky heroine captivating Prince Charming, reinventing her destiny from rags to riches and proving those who doubted her wrong. On Friday, Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures bring us the movie, starring Downton Abbey’s Lily James, Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter. To celebrate the release, Saks and nine of its prestigious designers bring fashionable girls glass slippers for the modern day Cinderella....more

Get Striped. The nautical way...

Let's face it. January in the Northeast is a cold, bleak month. Perhaps that's why the fashion world seems to pick this time to reintroduce all things nautical. Nautical clothing evokes images of boating across a  calm, turquoise sea while sipping something tropical and tasty. Quite a contrast to the brown and grey images we are bombarded with every time we look out the window or step outside. So I suggest we all embrace that which the fashion world is throwing our way....more

Think Pink...

One thing I have noticed since I started blogging is other people's blogs. And lately, pink is all over the blogosphere. Not just your garden variety pink either, but a light pink that is imbued with a bit of brown so that it reads almost peach - but not quite. This to me reads as not only pretty, but also sophisticated. Much more so then what one might envision about wearing the color pink. As usual, I enjoy the look head to toe - but it also coordinates beautifully with grey, black and navy. Perfect...more

Winter White...

Lately I've heard more people bemoaning the lack of snow in the Northeast then I care to count. Personally, I've been pretty happy not having snow. My grass has never looked greener, and it's been mostly pleasant enough outside to walk my dog without freezing to death. However - for those of you who miss the sugar frosted look of a fresh snow in the suburbs - there's only one thing to do. Dress the part. Yep, that's where winter white comes in. If you can't have it outside - then simply wear it....more