They Will Always Be Mom Jeans To Me

I have a hard time not laughing out loud when a teenage girl walks by me in high waisted, acid washed cut-off's. "Mom jeans," I chuckle to myself. But somehow I think the joke is on me. When that same teenager walks past me, and I'm wearing mid-rise skinny jeans, is she thinking "Mom jeans"? It's time to face reality. I've been lapped. ...more

Ten Reasons to Customize Your Hanky Panky Underwear

I love my Hanky Panky thongs. They don’t reveal panty lines when you are wearing a form-fitting skirt or pants. They’re extremely comfortable. You can also customize your lacey Hanky Panky thongs, as well as other styles. Here’s how:...more

SHOPPING | Bloor West Village

I grew up in Toronto’s west end, and although I will always be partial to the fast-paced life in the downtown core, some of my favorite things to do in the city are west of High Park. This is especially true when it comes to shopping. In Bloor West Village between Runnymede and Jane, the street is packed with stores that have a lot to offer for a girl who wants to get her shop on....more

Frugal Fall Fashion

We are enjoying the last couple of weeks that summer has to offer, but we are starting to prepare for the colder weather that the fall season is going to bring. Fall is just around the corner and you know what that means…we have to swap our tank tops for sweaters and our flip-flops for boots. It is time to go into your closet and break out the warmer clothing and take inventory of what items you have and what items you need to go shopping for. Of course when it comes to Fall fashion we love our cable knit sweaters, flannel shirts, and long leggings....more

Thrift Blitz Episode One

 I love to thrift. ...more

Favorite deals of the week!

3 of my favorite deals last week were free or very close to it!  My favorite kind!  I hope you all got the wipes and diaper deal from Amazon!  Thru August 17th, if you opened a free 30 day trial account at Amazon Mom, you got 50% off, plus a $2 online coupon, use their Subscribe & Save feature and with their free Prime got the deal below, which I grabbed!  My kids are long out of diapers, but wipes are still in high demand.  Hands, car, backpacks, name it and we use wipes on it!...more

Back to school essentials, from backpacks to lunch boxes

School days are here again with a vengeance. And for parents and principles, that means paying attention to what the kids and teens are taking with them to those hallowed hallways. ...more

Why Awkward Shopping Encounters are Terribly Awesome

I am insanely jealous of Harry Potter.  I fully admit it.  And it's not because of his ability to cast spells, his gajillion-billion dollar bank account (though I wouldn't hate sharing it with him) or because of his sure to be on and probably off screen love affair with the beautiful Emma Watson.  No, it's none of those perfectly envious things.  I want one thing from you Mr. Potter: Your invisible cloak.Seriously.  And I've got a few reasons why I must get my hands on it.  And they all have to do with shopping....more

Top 5 Shopping Outlets in Ontario

School is right around the corner, and whether you are going away to university or college for the first time or are just looking for a new wardrobe, we have narrowed down the top 5 shopping outlets in Ontario! Read on to find out where you can shop at high quality stores in unique outdoor settings all while saving 25 to 65 percent off your favourite brands!1) The Outlet Collection at Niagara...more

Steals and deals I found this week.

My shopping has been sorely lacking this summer due to my children who make me want to drink upon occasion little helpers being home all the time and not being able to take the time that a good couponing haul needs.  But I'm grabbing deals here and there and found some great ones this week.  If you haven't been to Shaw's yet for the Jolly Time popcorn deal, you need to go before the sale ends Thursday night....more