6 Clothes Shopping Tips to Develop Your Best Personal Style

My husband is always amazed when I wear something he thinks is brand-new, but I've actually had forever. Over the years, I've invested in many quality pieces of clothing that stand the test of time. You may have a closet full of clothes already—but building a fantastic wardrobe that reflects your personal style doesn't happen overnight. As you start to accumulate pieces, follow these tips to help build a stylish wardrobe that reflects who you truly are and will last for years to come....more
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New Year, New You

Ok, so I know we are almost 2 weeks into 2015 (ummm, how did that happen?!) but being a new year means new goals, new resolutions and the like. Did you manage to make any resolutions? I made the usual, get organised, get into shape as well as a few work and study related goals. So, I thought it would be fun to highlight some amazing products available from the good ol' U S of A for putting your best foot forward in 2015. ...more

Holiday rush

I am not the only one who waited until the last two weeks before Christmas, before frantically searching for something just right to make a statement at the Holiday gift exchange party. In fact statistics claim a percentage somewhere around 60% of people who purchase a gift for a Christmas, do it in the last 14 days.  Not to mention those last minute people you actually thought about a few days prior to Christmas. What about that party, benefit or GALA that you decided to attend in the final hour? For so many reasons a person may wait, the stores become the local mad house....more

7 Careful Commerce tips when Shopping this Holiday Season

Frosty the Hackman is teaming up this season with the Grinch to scam people out of their money. Shopping online is a godsend, but it brings with it a pristine opportunity to be ripped off....more

10 signs it's almost Christmas

I wasn’t going to write this week so I could take a break. But gung-ho Erin just can’t relax. I am driven to succeed! ...more

How to Simplify Your Christmas Shopping AKA How to Stay Sane, and Save Money During the Holidays!

Today is a special edition of Money Management Mondays; The Christmas Edition! If you follow these tips, it will not only save you a bundle, (!) but it will ensure that you will stay sane, and anctually enjoy the Holiday Season! http://www.mypeacelovelife.com/blog/how-to-simplifycheapify-your-christm... ...more

the impossible to shop for person

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Santa's Coming!

 Christmas is 25 days away!I can’t believe it!...more

Santa has left the building.

So I don't have any children that believe in Santa any more.  This sort of kills me.  Last year, Mad had just turned 11, and while she pretty much knew..she still wanted to believe.  This year, with the girls at 17 and 12...it's all over.  Mom is Santa. With Hallee being autistic, she has always seen things in black and white.  Either the guy is real or he's not..there is no in between.  She has never liked the whole Santa idea from the beginning....more

2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coupons

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales From fashion and accessories to home decor, ...more