Staying home when you are sick

I was trying to concentrate at work, when I heard it. A phlegmy cough. Then a pause. Then that cough again. Someone in my office was sick. ...more

Getting sick at daycare

My son started daycare at 6 weeks old. I remember the heartbreak of leaving him (he was so little!) and the relief of picking him up on that first day (he had gotten bigger!). I did love that facility - the nurturing attitude, the brightly lit rooms, the web cameras for me to check in on him throughout the day. ...more
Very True, Day care means more exposure to germs as all kids come in touch with each other ...more

How often are you sick?

Before I had my son, I got a cold around twice a year. It would annoy me for a few days and maybe even cause me to take a day off work to rest at home. My husband would only get a cold maybe one time a year....more

Are Childhood Allergies Linked to Chronic Ear Infections?

My four year old started his first year of preschool last fall. We were at the doctor every 3-4 weeks with either an ear infection or strep throat. If it wasn't one, it was the other. Often times, he had both at the same time. Initially, I attributed his chronic ear infections and strep to the fact that he was in his first year of preschool. At one point, his doctor said to me, "If he continues to get ear infections, we may need to refer him to an ENT for further evaluation." That made my heart sink - I really didn't want to resort to putting tubes in my otherwise healthy child....more

My Beautiful Struggle During #BloggerWeek

"The revolution is inside of youPeople, the revolution is here, yeah.....The revolution's hereNo one can lead you off your pathYou'll try to change the world" -Talib Kweli, Beautiful Struggle...more
BrownGirlBoston BlogHer DryerBuzz MsNicola you're welcome!more

That Time I Shit Myself in London

Around 3 a.m., my eyes shoot open to the sound of war cries coming from my stomach. I did not move a muscle for fear something would shoot straight out of me.  I know instantly. This is it. ...more

The Best Way to Tackle a Sick Day

The plague has descended on our home.I don't know what it is about this time of year, but towards the beginning of March we seem to be jinxed with a revolving door of boogers, fevers, headaches and general, all-round sluggishness.In past years it was really not *that* big of a deal.I've always been a full-time stay-at-home mom, so I'd just stay in my jammies all day, soaking up the snuggles, letting the laundry pile grow larger without a second thought....more

The Sick Guy - Shoot Him, Tend to Him or Learn from Him?

I want to talk about something that just hit me like an anvil upside the head the other day.If you've ever been in relationship with a man, trust me, you've experienced this:The Sick Guy...(shudders...)Perhaps your hackles are already raised. You're envisioning your man, lying in bed, moaning, asking for soup, and lozenges, and a heating pad, and a glass of water, and a large slice of your very soul. And he's asking for all of it in that voice that clearly demonstrates his eminent demise.Here's the play-by-play:...more

I have succumbed...

"I have succumbed..." seemed the right title for this post somehow. Although now that I've typed that post title and checked the definition of "succumb," I'm thinking the word may be a bit strong. I meant it as the first definition "fail to resist" rather than "die from the effect of a disease" -- because I have (unwillingly) failed to resist the effect of the disease that has been plaguing my son and husband this week. I am sick. I am not dead....more